October 19, 2007

So, let's say you have this 100+member blog you want to move...

Alright here's the deal. I own blogsisters.com. I have hosting that I'm not using that was tied to another domain that I let expire on purpose. I would like to re-set-up Blog Sisters (don't think we can physically move a blogspot.com hosted blog?) on either wordpress or typepad.

Tell me, which platform will be able to support hundreds of members with posting privileges, and will be easy enough for all to use? Blogger has a niche in the group blogging thing--one of the things it's done right from the get go. I suppose I could start a new blogger blog and just host it myself, but part of me thinks it would be good to give the old homestead a REAL makeover. Kind of like those double-wides you see being hauled down the highway.

Thoughts, ideas, etc. are welcome.