June 05, 2002

Where Else in Blogland Are You Gonna Get This?

When you meet my husband, and you may one day, you'll be saying to yourself what everyone says... "He's so soft spoken, such a gentleman, such a sensitive man..." (and then there's his business side... and there's his artist side... but I too digress...) Part of me thinks, gee, it would be better if you were reading his blogging adventures after you met him... BUT... that isn't how this works, is it? We all know that.

Earlier this month, I wrote this loving tribute to my first encounter with my George (scroll down to "I've been waiting so long"). Interestingly, I was sober at the time of that writing. My husband of almost-16 years, on the other hand, has taken to Scotch to get through the wasted days and wasted nights away from home, playing not-even jazz in Hong Kong.

Earlier today, he and I were exchanging emails, and he told me, among many other things I won't share here, that he was going to start blogging his way through the rest of what has turned out to be a nearly-crappy adventure playing overseas. I'm thinking, sure, he might blog something. And part of me is like, well, you're a wee bit intoxicated--what might you write? Well, HE'S BLOGGING. Stunning. Just wait til he has all of his faculties about him. This could be a dicey and interesting journey, husband and wife parallel blogging about REAL stuff. Hmmm. Deserves some thought. (deeep thought.)

If it's amazing to you to compare our versions of our early encounter now that I pointed you there, imagine my surprise to hop over to George's blog and see it. Yep. He knew me. And look at this honesty:

"I've tried to keep her to myself for so long and now everyone else knows
the kind of wonderful woman she is. The secrets out."

And, gee wiz, you guys know me; would I ever be sending out signals like this?

"Boy, I know what you're thinking and I can read every thought in your pea brain."

The truth is in what he says about how he has nurtured me. I was really very young when we met, and we've grown together and come out into the world in amazing and sometimes terrifying ways together. So why stop now? Blog on, honey. This is the man who's been telling me "yes you can" for the 18 years I've known him. And while I'm living out here, with you all, and sharing some really personal stuff, George knows it, he reads it. He hasn't yet said, "That's not a good idea." (subtext: so if he does, i'll know he's probably right).

Honey baby, I'm yours. Now bring your sorry butt home so I can dry you out! Don't worry, you'll be back into Daddy mode before you know it. The bean's energy will wrap around you like an ace bandage and you'll know you're home-sweet-home. No time for drink, no money for fun. But we'll make fun of our own. ;-)