August 24, 2007

Anyone fixed healthcare yet?

ok just checking in.

First Blogger to do a Breathing Treatment on Facebook

I WON!!!!!

(scroll down paaast the aquarium, paaaast the garden and comments from gardeners, to the wall comments. see pathetic video).

which brings me to point number 2: how about a share FROM facebook, some permalinks, something? [roi to facebook: traffic traffic traffic adoption adoption adoption].

how about a back channel, where people who are not friends (yet) of people who say something interesting can still comment and discuss. oh might not that be fun? if you could get to it while I'm still on steroids, I'd appreciate it.



Not a novel idea. But a good one.

"...this whole gamut of conversation, from infinite jest to point-specific expertise: who needs it?

"Companies need it. Without it they can't innovate, build consensus, or go to market. Markets need it. Without it they don't know what works and what doesn't; don't know why they should give a damn. Cultures need it. Without play and knowledge in equal measure, they begin to die. People get gloomy, anxious, and depressed. Eventually, the guns come out."

--christopher locke, cluetrain manifesto

My suggestion: not just a conference ABOUT play, but a conference AT play. Man enough? Woman enough? Let the games begin.


August 23, 2007

franks got a recipe beggin to be beaten and eaten

first person who runs over here to make it gets to stir in the egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For dinner tonight I made a delicious soup. It was amazingly simple. Most of the ingredients came straight of our CSA share, and the recipe came from the Blue Moon weekly newsletter. Thanks Kristen!
The recipe…

  • 1 large celeriac, peeled, cut into quarters and sliced thin. (Ever wonder what to do with that celeriac? This is it!)
  • 3 Tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 cup carrot coins
  • 1 leek, sliced into thin rounds. (Okay, I had small leeks so I used two, but I had huge garlic cloves so I only used one. I finally learned the thing about cooking is that it’s no organic chemistry… doesn’t require an analytical balance to get the measurements right.)
  • 2 eggs
  • A couple of cups of chicken broth. Mine came from a can.
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • salt and pepper

Go see how it turned out--

seams, apart

So i'm on steroids and levaquin now as the augmentin didn't work to get rid of this sinus infection/bronchitis, which of course has made friends with my asthma. This has been a rough patch -- thank you for all the supportive emails, friends. You don't know how it helps to read them when I'm worrying through the night. George has a procedure at the hospital next week--we may have an overnight there. I love him.

How's tricks in the blog world?

I checked and briefly noticed that, in addition to Doc moving, Scoble was taking another poignant pause, Shelley had been too quiet, and Elaine had made me a very nice healing collage. Everyone else has either been bought by Google or acquired by Oracle. So apparently I can go back to my warm washcloth and steroids now.

OH did anyone fix healthcare while I was out?



August 21, 2007

doc's new doo

Doc has a new blog home, and quite honestly, it's freakin me out.

Not just the words "law" and "harvard" and "edu" in the URL, though that would be enough. Beyond the establishmentishness, I just can't get used to the template. Even with Doc's face and old masthead at the top, I'm like, "Can we go home now?"

Sure this design is simpler and cleaner, but there's something to be said about Doc's messy old house with small fonts and 100000 people on his blogroll, more than one woman too.

Doc's house was a place I visited before I started blogging in 01. I know I'll get used to his new place over time, but I can't get past thinking, "Doc doesn't talk in that font; Doc talks to me in Serif! Doc has more columns than this--where did his miscellaneousness go? And who ran off with Searls BlueGray Stripes(TM), anyway?"

I realize that final bloggers had to step off the bus eventually, and Doc's posts will still be a daily read for me in his new digs, but I can't help feeling like I've just seen him for the first time in a year, and he's completely bald.

So Doc, one favor--keep your hair, okay?


August 20, 2007

eyes still nose ya!

chat to frank:

HEY SO you know how i've been not able to focus or write much lately, well so yesterday i am just so confounded, right, so i'm sitting in the kitchen when i realize: i can't see SHIT. 45 years old, had 20-20 vision my whole life, and so i had no clue wtf was happening, but i suddenly realize i can't fucking SEE. that's why i can't write or read anything because i can't SEE the shit. So i go over to walmart today and spring for an eye exam (no money for glasses but what the heck), so i find out i have 20-40 vision and two astigmatisms (well one in each eye), and i need reading glasses for now. He says my distance vision is going but still passable so i don't need BIFOCALS yet, and I'm like BIFOCALS??? I was just 22, wtf are you talking about?

Me in George's Dollar Store Reading Glasses