March 04, 2008

ding dong ditch it.

Yes I know. I haven't been writing here much. You think that's bad, you should see how many blogs I'm not reading.


I realized I haven't opened up my aggrevator in probably three months.

It's not that I don't care about bloggers. It's just that I don't care what bloggers are saying.

eeesh - that ought to win me a popularity contest.

Did you know that you too can not read blogs or write blogs and live? Yes we can. I am testimony to change.

Which brings me to my post today, being that my "kill the man with the ball" post gave me the most tickles down deep I've had in the blogworld in a v. long time. I have decided to dedicate this post to another less-than-PC childhood game: Ding Dong Ditch It.

I said something to Jenna today, with George listening, whereby I used another one of my childhood yarns to draw an analogy (a sign you're getting old).

"It's like when we played ding-dong-ditch it," I said, illustrating how annoying something small can sometimes be.

I heard the familiar uproar of laughter from George's computer chair, in which he was sitting.

"Ding what?"

Again - the disconnect of cultures.

"Ding Dong Ditch It--Oh here we go again. Tell me you haven't heard of ding-dong-ditch-it. Where you ring the bell and run? Hey, I'm not saying it's nice, but we did it in my neighborhood."

Turns out he'd never heard the name ding-dong-ditch-it, though he was familiar with the concept.

Which inspires me to ask you: Did you do this bad thing? And if so, WTF was it called in your neighborhood?