May 18, 2007

Simply Wonderful

Kudos and congrats to Ronni--I had not seen the Elder Storytelling Place until tonight. I just love it.

I read Holly Stevens' story this evening and was moved in a way that you too will be moved by her courage and caring. I thank Holly for sharing her wisdom, and Ronni for bringing these stories to us.


May 16, 2007

just say no to equity lines of credit

Today I am happy to be an amerikan.

Because today I am not allowed to do this. And if I were allowed to do this, I probably would.

And if I did, I would probably like it, cause my big brother and I used to play penny poker and I can tell you it's in the blood--just try to walk jenna past the scratch-off card section of the mini-mart and you'll see. Second thought, don't you take my kid into a mini-mart. who do you think you are.

Either way, I think this would be way too much fun for me. I think I should go to Six Flags instead and shoot hoops at bottles to win a stuffed giraffe for my kid. The price would likely be the same, but at some point I'd have to actually LEAVE Six Flags.

Yahoo offering online for-cash poker is like Google offering online for-cash hookers.

Seems like search should stay search and not go looking for mini-transaction dollars off some poor sap like me except in other countries who might just get that penny-poker urge on a penny-poker budget with a Visa in the wallet.

I'm just thinking out loud here.


stand up

Dear Bitch,

No I will not stop blogging nice things about you. Do you know why? Moxie. Your guts that's why. Because you write your way vulnerable, bite into what's wrong and taste it, cryoutloud and seize on shag carpets in a fit of mortal so-human justice when Those People with their Armor-Alled posts come to this place and try to outshine our worn tattered leather souls.

Their shiny-protected-stronger-than-tortise-shell bullshit, in that know-it-all way they have, are no match for you. They will not show their wounds, their open oozing lesions because those wounds cannot be monetized. Because they may scare the Audience away by being who they are. And then what? No money no honey. Then what? No fans no plans. Oh dear!


You stood there and said Hey Now, Waitaminute, when few other women would. Shelley did. Ronni did. Marianne did. Toby did. Even harder for the men to do: misyoongenentoitousetists!

Have you stopped beating your fucking CAT YET? WELL HAVE YOU?

Did you laugh? You-R-Evil.

That is why.

Why do you think? I know you know the scary places, not the scary places where people might come in your house or yard or workplace and off you, but THOSE scary places where you are your own intruder.

You heal my inner boogie man. What? You want I should go away? No way, sister.

Kiss me. I'm crazy.


so good to see you!

Love this clip of the incomparable and incredible Mr. Eddie Davis on trumpet with the Crusaders.

saints among (side)men

I have met many musical giants during my 23 years with this musical great. So many are gone now -- the silence of their missing instrumentation is deafening at first. The songs left unwritten, licks left unplayed.

The Internet to the rescue? Not quite. But user Generated Content has some good points, although it's UGC "moniker" is not among them.

More and more those we have lost show up online. Through memories and clips from fans, purposefully contributed or accidentally linked, we find those we knew. Sometimes they show up through their musical associations with the big names who they helped make big through the genius of accompaniment, their solid groove, unrivaled professionalism. Example: the incredible, honorable, Mr. St. Claire Pinkney (and here) with James Brown on youtube. St. Claire, you are long and dearly missed.


May 14, 2007

i hadn't opened my aggregator in a month.

i just opened it. i forgot i had one. how weird. look at all the people in there. i still type the people i want to read in the browser address field. that seems to work fine. firefox takes me where i need to go.

i'm going to see what i missed. i'll let you know if anything big happened while we weren't looking.