September 03, 2004

D is for Dance Mob

Looks like by these cool pictures and John Perry Barlow's report that the Repugnantcan Convention got some rhythm after all. WSHEW!

Dance on.

September 02, 2004

P is for "Put a Punk in Jail" Week

I vote for these two little pricks. Please. Please let me slap the shit out of the mayor's son.

S is for Storm Chasers

Weatherbug is on the case of Florida's Francis.

There is plenty of room here in Georgia, Floridians. Now might be the time to consider a state change.

Tell me the Truth

M is for Matrullo, mad.

facts stranger than fiction.

Tell Me a Story

N is for November and Novels.


Merry-go-rounds on acid.


Sending out an.

After School Nanny Needed for the Next Three Months

Inquire within.

Make Believe Meeting Anxiety

Barely hanging on with the barrage of work I have. It doesn't help that the newest SPAM trend is sending subject lines that reference my upcoming nonexistent meetings. Please. I can't take it. Every time I see the word meeting I get hives, because when I meet I can't write, and I have to meet frequently these days, and in the end, whether they "get it" or not, something written is what they are paying me for.

Spammers, if you have a soul, kindly return to the days of old when you promised me a bigger johnson and let me know that my lesbian wife was cheating on me. Stop scaring me with pretend meetings. Okay?

I thank you.

September 01, 2004

Hi! We're Black!

Back from our tour of white america, well, not totally white, because we spent a couple of days in Buffalo where I got to spy some relatives of color, and even regular non-white citizens on occasion, as long as I stayed out of the suburbs.

Outside of the city, we saw many cool attractions (if color-free), including Vidler's Five and Dime, a treasure from the good old days, when blacks weren't allowed to eat in the same restaurants as whites, weren't allowed to drink out of the same drinking fountains, and often weren't allowed to vote.

Like any good member of these UnitedStates, I bought lots of things from the five and dime, like shoe horns and t-shirts and little toy ponies and plastic items--only two of which cost a dime.

...where at least I know I'm free...

We also visited the Carousel Museum, where Jenna rode the painted pony let the spinnin' wheel spin.

Seeing friends and family was incredibly refreshing, if not confounding, and traveling with Jenna is always like seeing the world brand new. You can't beat flying into Atlanta at night, seeing the world of lights from on high through her joyous eyes.

Now I am tired and my head hurts.

"what you say?"