March 23, 2007

best of weekend

you gotta check out all the good blogs on my blogroll. far more interesting than mine at the given moment. go now, do read!


March 21, 2007

Bigger Than Twitter -- It's TWATTER!!!

on twatter, i show how i might as well have shoved $50 into an orifice instead of paying it to cingular to receive other people's dinner plans on my phone.


The web's newest solution to twittering is, not twattering, well maybe, depending -- but also UNCLEBOBISMS. Join those of us who know better but do it anyway. UPDATE 2 - never mind, it's gone, never posted there. I was doing time in the hospital instead. Yeah, I know. The fun never stops. Update 3: Let me be more specific -- I did not join or logon to uncebobism. I did not add myself to the blog. When i linked to the blog in this post, it had a witty post about twitter. By the time I got out of the hospital, the blog was gone and I had not read it in days.

For the record, the only group blogs I participate on are Blog Sisters and BlogHer. I started Blog Sisters in 2001. It is a blog I am now seriously considering ending. I have to ask some questions about blogher as well. I will be doing that this week.

Whose words are we a part of online--i am the words written here and in comments I leave. My group blogging experience has been part of what I do online that I think has been valuable since I started blog sisters in 2001. But I am no more than my own words. It comes down to that. And so I am currently looking at ways to end my group associations.

I can't believe it. Really. That I've come this far. This long.

I have always stood by my own words, what I've written here and on blogsisters and blogher and the attempts at humor on jeremy's blog. But this is the only place I control. The only place that's mine.

The blog world and group blogs are different now than they were when I started blog sisters. I am deep in thought. Those who know me know I am. For those who don't--I wish you did.

March 18, 2007

What Are You Doing April 20th?

It's a friday. You must be free. If not, get free.

Come by allied ALL DAY, where I'll be writing original poetry and prose, realtime, in memory of my father, who died of pancreatic cancer in his 30s.

Your job? HELP ME RAISE $500 for PANCAN!

Sponsor me in The First Annual BLOG POETRY FEST for PANCAN here on allied.

All funds go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PANCAN), an advocacy group for patients and families dealing with pancreatic cancer. The event is set up through FirstGiving in conjunction with PanCan to raise awareness and funds for continued research, education, and advocacy.

More information will be coming soon, but in the mean time, inspire me and save the date.