February 11, 2006

BubbleShare's NEW GOODIES!!

The next rev of BubbleShare is out and rockin'. Albert posts about it here.

Major release on BubbleShare today. Still a few bugs to iron out, but I hope to hear everyone's feedback. We took all the suggestions over the past few months and tried to take as much of it as possible and put it into our first major release since launch (well, officially, this is our "3rd release" in the past 3-4 months).

There are some great new features that have been wrapped in to the new release. Albert has them here. My favorites?

  • All albums that you’ve created now show up in your “My Albums” tab
  • All albums received now show up in your “Received Albums” tab
  • Bookmark albums from the community
  • “Audio” icon shows up only when there’s audio on the photo (in blog-output/iFrame view)

If you haven't checked it out, give it a go. As always, Albert and the BS team would like your feedback.

And if you haven't done so--GET YOUR SUBMISSION IN for the contest before Feb 20th to win an iPod Nano and other cool stuff.

February 10, 2006

Who's Yer Mama?

Mommy Bloggers are featuring some great guest posts tomorrow -- a suite of sweet moms doing a Valentine's Day Rumble. Yours truly will have a little something posted there tomorrow afternoon, and I'm sure all the folks are worth reading to inspire your wired heart.

[[EDITED: Here's the post--Happy? Vday.]]

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WISH LIST: Bring More Enterprise Tools to the Bsphere

I'm exhausted from trying to research some stuff--in annual report writing hell as we speak--which has me thinking that there's another wall that needs to come down, and it's the wall separating me from the stats I need to write effectively.

The major analyst firms either need to offer a price/platform for indies and new media folks, OR new media folks need to start indie analyst gropus of their own, offering their findings at a price that's at least sort of affordable, which is not $3K for a report.

Or even better, a wikipedia version of research and analysis compilations.

oh i'd love that.

If I didn't have seventeen other things to do, I would have already started an affordable service producing research reports at a reasonable price. I'd give away a lot of them. Organizations subscribing to the service could foot the bill--no need to charge PER DOWNLOAD after that.

Perhaps there are a few folks who are in the research/analysis discipline with experience in verticals like healthcare, financial services, IT, telecomm, wireless, etc. who want to hook up and do something. I'd love to help.

The model now with the big analyst firms holding the high-priced keys to the kingdom of research needs an overhaul. At the same time, enterprises wouldn't have to pay tens of thousands of dollars have a report done on their offering/product.

It's a need just waiting for a business model.

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SXSW Blogger Sponsorship Opportunity!


You know how those Blogads appear on the sidebar now and then, right? Well those are NOTHING compared to the kind of coverage you'll get for helping the Sessums get to SXSW.

Here's the deal:

We are speaking at the SXSW interactive conference -- in fact we're on a panel about blogging and intimacy with the likes of Ponzi and Chris Pirillo, and Wendy and Joey DeVilla.

Of the group I think we're playing the part of the couple married 20 years with a kid in tow, hanging on by twenty finger nails trying to keep it together, so there's a draw as if you needed one.

The point is that our family business, sessum creative, doesn't have, shall we say, the cashflow to both take the whole family out west and to celebrate April 15th US Government Deficit Contribution Day, never mind the lodging and car expenses for most of the week with George staying for the Music Conference.

(Note to SXSW--We have received the brochures; let's say it couldn't HURT to bring a little COLOR to the MUSIC CONFERENCE. Tip: George, a noted music columnist, producer, and celebrated master bassist is available for other speaking and performing opps during his stay.)

The other conundrum is that Jenna's award ceremony for her basketball accomplishments is the night before we speak, we JUST found out. So, there are only a couple of very specific flights out we can take to get there in time. ALL of them are running near $500. That's each. Now add the hotel on top of that--you all know it's not cheap during the conference--and I'm sitting here thinking, WTF?

SO here's how you can sponsor a Sessum.

Click the DONATE button over on the side. With your contribution, specify whether you are sponsoring Jenna, George, Jeneane, or Bando's kennel care.

In return I will bump you ahead of ALL of the blogads listed on the sidebar and begin a running list of sponsors, divided into and listed in the following order:

  • GOLD - $200 or more
  • SILVER - $100 - $199
  • BRONZE - $50 - $99
  • NICKEL - $5 - $49
  • COPPER - $.01 - $4.99

DISASTER PLANNING DISCLAIMER: If you donate and something TERRIBLE happens here--surprise hospital stay, funeral, natural disaster, or an event that keeps us from attending--we'll donate your contribution to PanCAN, or if you prefer, will be reserved to send Jeneane and Jenna to BlogHer in July.

OKAY I think that takes care of everything. Email me at ewriter AT bellsouth DOT net to confirm your sponsorship and your paypal donation.


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February 09, 2006

Denthell Remembering

Dear Dr. Griffo,

i know you are dead by now--or if you're not dead you're at least not a practicing dentist hitting kids over the head with your bulb-headed mallett. what was that thing and why did you think it was funny? why did you always have to hit me on the head as soon as i walked in the door smelling your cloves and death. why did you laugh. you looked so stupid. bop bop you'd say, and you knew it hurt and it wasn't funny. what, did you think that by hitting kids on the head they might forget you were about to shred the insides of their mouths?

let me say that it's not my mission to run around bothering dead or retired dentists, but i had a dentist appointment today and i got all tight in the chest when i walked in couldn't breathe so well, and i immediately thought of you and your office next to the donut shop.

i'm sure you're busy bothering unbaptized babies right now, but if not i wanted you to hear some things i didn't get to tell you as a kid. 1) about your big black bulbbed mallet--that wasn't okay hitting me on the head with it every time. 2) it wasn't okay that when novocaine came along you never bothered to use it on us because we were your special circumstance. 3) it was really not okay that you told me all those years that if it hurt, all i had to do was tell you and you would stop, and i sucked it up and got through every filling without any meds plus your pulling my two baby teeth, and the one fucking time it hurt too bad for me to stand I said Stop and you didn't.

You didn't stop you bastard. And i said it again and wriggled and cried, please stop, and you waited until you were done. then you pretended you didn't understand. that made you a piece of shit in my book. you hurt me bad that time. all the other times were only sort of bad.

you were also ugly to look at.

and your office was too dark.

and it smelled like cloves and so did you.

maybe you thought you were going to get some kind of brownie points in heaven for taking care of my father's teeth for free when he was dying and we were in trouble. he was 36 with three kids and an illness you knew would have him off your to-do list within six months. how hard was it for you to just help him out without having to take it out on his legacy and turn us into some damn freak show. like the world owed you something because you did the right thing but i don't even think you did it for the right reason. you did it so you could talk about having done it and you got to look at my mother--you didn't do it for him. you did it for you, didn't you, because you got off on what happened as the cancer ate away at his insides.

i know you.

you looked at me that same way.

i know my mother never got over feeling like we owed you because you took care of my dad when our whole world fell into a hole that's so deep you could climb in and never find the root ever, but you used her for that and you are a double bastard for that. you didn't need to give her the ream and make her do her own root canals at home because i remember her face so big and her pain, and you don't know what it's like to do what you have to do.

my remembering you is brown and orange and flashes of yellow, spitting red.

i was 23 before i had novocaine. the dentist asked if i was allergic, looking at all my fillings and you did such a shitty job they were not in good shape. i said i don't know. he said well did you ever have a problem. i said i never had novocaine. he stared at me and my mouth and counted my teeth.

you are a bastard. i don't forgive you.


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Be The Writer

Over at Be The Boy we find yet another wonderful tale of what can happen when you mix a truckoad of high-proof alcohol with the chemistry of the human brain. (Be advised: You should not try this at home, at work, at a playground, or at the dentist's. Okay maybe at the dentist's.)

The first time it ever happened I was 16 on my way to a friend’s party, the proud owner of a bottle of cheap vodka on a Saturday night. After drinking it all as fast as I could, the 750 milliliters of straight booze in my system convinced me that it was time lose consciousness and to fall down. Upon getting up I thought it was getting late so I stumbled out for home, arriving there at 10 PM to find my dad surprised to see home so early. I was surprised too as I thought it was after midnight, apparently a friend thought it would be fun to change the time on my watch while I was passed out. In retrospect that is a pretty good trick. Luckily dad and the wife were too busy hiding the bong to notice my condition although they did ask why I felt the need to pee out the window during the night. The answer to that question by the way is to play dumb.

Will is really smart that way.

He also introduces us to a kickass writer with a naked ass baby. I hadn't read Holly Rhea before. But I will now.

Help send her to blogher. Then help send me.

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Google Images Story Teller

Found this gem searching Google Images.

Decided to Tell You a Story. Enjoy. It's a little ditty I wrote about aggregators. And conversation. And you and me.

February 08, 2006

Dental Advice? Horror Stories? Successes?

Now I know you are no DDS, most of my readers, because you are busy on blogs. If you were all DDSes, you would either be at some dental conference with your temp hygienist-of-the-week behind your wife's back, studying up on the history of sadomasochism, or off drug shopping online due to your out-of-control vicodin habit.

OKAY, now that we don't have any real dentists left on allied, let me ask you real, first-hand root-canal survivors some questions.

I think I need one. The reason I think I need one is that I have this tooth, one of the back-quadrant, right-lower-side molars, that broke about a year ago. big break, old filling, not much tooth left. SO, I go to my so-so dentist and get the wife who has a twitch, and she tries to very nicely (since i was broke) build my tooth back up into some semblance of a tooth with all that bonding stuff they have now adays.

TWO HOURS LATER it was sort of okay. She admitted that she should have just prepped it for a crown. In the end it would have been better than what she came up with. This sort-of tooth.

So the sort-of tooth lasted about six months before it broke again, and more, and more, as I tried to pretend nothing was happening.

About a month ago it started hurting on and off--really bad with hot or cold. I've gotten good at covering it up with my tongue while drinking anything other than room-temperature beverages. This trick, I'm hoping, will come in handy later in life while I'm in the nursing home trying to figure out how to chew peas.

Anyway, I took my sort-of tooth back to my so-so dentist last week and said well, you better x-ray this because I'm thinking I may need a root canal. At this point, I have a buldge on the outside of my lower jaw. It's red, and hot. I'm also ON an antibiotic already for a sinus infection, so whatever was going on was at least under control if there actually was an infection.

So the nice dental assistant took the x-ray. When she came back in with it I said, "Well, what's it look like to you." She hemmed and hawed and said, "I got what I needed witht he x-ray. it's not all that bad." I said, "Oh good--so I'll live through the weekend?" she laughed and said, "Yah--it's not going to kill you or anything."

So I'm thinking okay. A root canal. That's what I thought.

But then Mr. Happy Dentist comes in and looks at my jaw and says he thinks that's just a lymph node, and that it could just be from chewing differently, and that he sees the little gap at the gumline where everything basically has a straight shot past the gum, and that's why it's hurting. He said he likes to avoid root canals, so let's just do a crown.

But look, the tooth hurts. I can't chew on it. Can't get it hot or cold. And my jaw still hurts, though the swelling has gone down as I finish my 10th day of Levaquin for my other ailment.

SO, do I get a second opinion and go for the root canal here? Or do I let him start on the crown? I've never had a crown on a tooth with live roots. Only after a root canal. So I don't know.

My mother always said, Don't ever get a crown on a tooth without a root canal, because if you need one--and you probably will because sometimes the crown process alone disturbs the nerves--then they have to go through the crown to do it.

THOUGHTS? OPINIONS? Advice for pain drugs and facial swellings?

Okay, thank you. You can let the dentists back in the room now.


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Halley's got a cake on her site, because it was her BIRTHDAY (was it yesterday)? Say Happy Halley Day to Halley.

With performancing you can post more than you probably should

What's nice (for me) about performancing for firefox is that you can spew out posts, using the publish button as a carriage return. Every post is a paragraph in the story I am just dying to tell you.

I used to try to do 30 posts in 30 minutes. i never once succeded. This may be the tool that blesses you all with my achieving that rather meaningless goal.

Lucky Yous!

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Speaking of Music...

Calling All Bass Players - George has a line on a gig you may be interested in. Requirements are pretty specific. ;-)

Saw 10 minutes of the grammys

jenna's been sick which means she's been needing to cuddle which means i get to do next to nothing which means i'm behind which means i get all confused and cotton headed or maybe that's my tooth that's been killing me which means i think i need a root canal which means the last time i had one I said: "how can they not hospitalize you for this--it's like a c-section in your face--which means they better give me some real pain killers which means I'll be more out of which means I'll get more behind.

can i get a witness?


Sing it Jamie Foxx YEaaa

I ain't sayin' she's a gold digga...Jamie+ Kanye W. - highpoint.

Digging the drum corp thing--wonder if guy's would be willing to stop by SXSW?

More grammy morphing.... Who IS That, Part Deux

Herbbie Hancock is morphing into Denzel Washington.

Christina Agulara is morphing into Madonna+Cindi Lauper

Mariah Carey's boobs are morphing into.... well no, they're fine.

Grammy Thoughts--Who IS That?

Bono is morphing into Robin Williams.

Bruce Springsteen is morphing into Bob Dylan.

Paul McCarthy is morphing into Bruce Jenner

It's all too confusing.

Technorati Finally Gets It Right with Its Homepage Design

You got it, Technorati! That's what I'm talkin' about. Search front and center, at the top, at the ready. Tag drilldown next. Explore the blogosphere expanded conversations next. All above the fold. Yes, that's a user-focused landing page for a blog search and intelligence company.

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The Perfect Gift for Your New Conjoined Twins!

Earth to HOLY CRAP! What is this bubbleshare album--"stuffed animals gone awry"?


More for Instapundit to Ignore

Frank Paynter points to a startling fact on more useless spending and coverup by BushCo. I think he's spot on with what he infers from this outrageous move, yet another from the Administration that really may cause the end of the world before its done.

The Bush administration, like some satanic cult insistent on opening a door for demonic possession of the country's consciousness, has budgeted $10 million dollars to deodorize the lingering stench of death and decay that surrounds the Nixon legacy. In 1974 the Republican warmonger's papers were seized by the government when his administration was brought down in disgrace. At that time it was mandated that the US government maintain those records and recordings in safe-keeping in the National Archives near Washington DC.

Now, in the first step of a revisionist scheme to restore some dignity to the crook, the Bush administration liars intend to move the records to Yorba Linda.

Onward Kristian Soldiers of the Reich--I mean, Right.

George Says the Eat Everything Study is Bunk

Dang. George reveals some flaws in the new study that says you can eat anything you want and die just the same way the next person does.

February 07, 2006

Two More Wads

Over at Gumwad, a two dollar donation! So the guy's made $5 from chewing gum so far.

Josh Is Pretty Sure You Should Care

Josh Hallett abley describes people I've been calling assholes all along. He's a lot more tactful than I am at disecting their simple-mindedness, but just as spunky. ;-)

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Mini-Size Me

Rex just made my day, no year, no lifetime! I hadn't heard the Good News, but I'm going right now to take the butter from the freezer.

From what I glean, the new word is this: Eat whatever you want, just not so much of it.

"What we are saying is that a modest reduction of fat and a substitution with fruits and vegetables did not do anything for heart disease and stroke or breast cancer or colorectal cancer," said Dr. Nanette Wenger, a cardiologist and professor of medicine at Emory University Medical School. "It doesn't say that this diet is not beneficial," she added.

Yeah, whatever--I'm off to get the Dozen MiniMac Meal. And could you Mini-Size It?

KISS 2.0

My Friend GaryTurner posts that My Friend Euan Semple, who wears a brown cotton shirt better than anyone else, has gone 2.0ut on his own. Of course, some of us knew he was destined to have a big http:// over his left shoulder one day.

You looking for a social computing specialist? The guy who put the kapital "K" in Knowledge?

Keep It Semple, Stupid

Hello, It's Google Calling

Stowe Boyd has high hopes for Gmail Chat. And why not?

When GoogleTalk first came out, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it was half-baked. Part of the fun of not hating Google is guessing what’s coming next. It’s the subtle positioning that NO ONE has ever done better than Google: inviting us to underestimate what they are up to.

The same folks who take the easy road to (or have something to gain by) poking Google in the ribs have been blathering on about Gmail’s reliability and betaness.

That’s why I get such a rush when I learn that Google has announced plans to integrate GoogleTalk IM functionality into Gmail [[see: Laurie Flynn]].

“The new program, called Gmail Chat, will let Gmail users exchange text messages with others without having to log onto a separate chat program, making instant messaging simpler and more integrated with the e-mail program.

From anywhere in Gmail, the user can see who is available to chat. The program will also allow users to store instant-message conversations.”

This morphed email/chat app is like an email version of Skype, right? I see who’s available for a call—and if not I can IM them and they’ll get the message later.

Maybe it's more like an email version of my cell voice mail, where email behaves like voice mail (leave me a message—beeep) and chat becomes like live/realtime voice (except in pixels)… unless… google’s planning…. better-voice-app-too… all integrated....

My observation: Google is only sometimes up to what they seem to be up to – their competitive advantage is still their sleight of hand. I bet you get good at that when everyone’s gunning for you and you have all the money you need to make sure they miss.

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The Business of "Betatizing" The Web

I wrote about THAT over here--on this beta newsvine site. I dunno--Weee! Posted here for non-beta fans... ;-)


Not so long ago, the term “beta” as it applied to software meant not ready for prime time—through initial QA yes, but still in testing with beta users who were initially (nearly always) inside the organization or close kin to the business.

A beta user ‘back in the day’ was not defined as ‘anyone with an Internet connection.’ A beta user wasn’t someone invited by someone else holding a secret code. The role of the beta in development was tightly controlled.

Betas were a form of end user testing, prior to introducing the product to “The Customer,” and The Customer was generally a risk-averse enterprise that never wanted rev 1.0 of anything, let alone a “beta” (read: ick!) version. These enterprises, with good reason, had not only “not crossed” the chasm yet; they hadn’t even heard that a dip in the road was coming.

I spent a lot of time beta-testing software inside large organizations—Kodak for one, in the security management systems division. As a technical publications department in charge of a 30-volume library of user documentation, we – along with QA – were the last stop before general availability.

In 1991, being a beta-tester for software on its way to hundreds of thousands of users was cool – especially if you liked detective work. And I did. But trust beta software? Put it in the hands of potential customers? If you’d said that then, I would have said: You must be nuts. What about bugs? What about data? What about crashing? What about….everything?

Today’s beta experience is entirely different—not just on the beta user’s side, but on the provider’s side too.

The only thing the same? I remain the quintessential beta user. ;-)

I’m the one who rushed onto blogger, to orkut, to flickr, to friendster, to bubbleshare, to tribe, to jotspot, to writely, to just about every application with a rounded-edge logo and promise to listen to me.

And that is key.

The role of the beta release today is to invite customers inside the organization -- not just to find bugs and get that nebulous “buy-in,” but also to feed their interest and nurture their passions, because a beta user today won’t spend time on an application unless it’s something that moves them.

The unspoken intent of software/service providers in releasing beta products today is to actually listen to and incorporate the best of the feedback from people who pre-love the product, to develop a lexicon with a user base that will power conversation throughout the evolution of the product.

In addition, because beta users are connected to – and talking to -- one another via the net, their shared passion and resulting buzz have the potential to transform xyz beta into the next big brand.

Why is the beta of today so different? Several factors have emerged to change the beast that is beta in these times we’ve (for better or worse) dubbed Web 2.0.

• The Porous Enterprise: The boundaries between the enterprise and its constituents are thinning to the point of near invisibility. People and functions that were once inside the organization are outside, and those that were once outside are inside. Combined with open APIs, beta users are subtly turned into members of the development team – they are proxy-employees and customers at the same time.

• Who’s a User: Users of software and services often aren’t walled off in cubes of BigCos anymore. A user is not distinguished by the location of their ergonomically-correct office chair, but by their passions and preferences. Users want to participate, to co-create, to help organizations bring product to market because they are happier with the product when they’re involved.

• The Need for Speed: Getting customers just what they want as quickly as possible has trumped the fear of failure. Fortunately, “getting the word out” and product out over the net removes barriers to speed.

• The Train’s Arrived: Because of the conversational nature of the Internet, clued organizations and their customers are congregating at and co-habiting the same shared online space. Businesses unwilling to become vulnerable to the transparent wants of their customers risk losing them to competitors. In larger numbers, organizations are getting naked and daring their rivals to do the same.

These are just some of the reasons why the rush to “Betatize” the products and services of the net doesn’t bother me. I think it’s glorious. I want to belong to seventeen different companies/teams at once. I want to see how some of these products overlap and connect—or could. I want to be the six steps ahead on the new user track when suddenly no one can live without the next great web tool. I want to be poster girl and customer and documenter and marketer and bug detective and product manager all at once for companies I don’t even work for.

Why do people like me savor this role? Because we’ve spent too many years relegated to tightly-defined roles and responsibilities, office chairs, divisions, departments, practices, and performance reviews.

So, how will we know when all this beta and Web 2.0 stuff is done? How do we graduate to 3.0?

I’ll tell you: When I become your most important customer, your best vendor, and your most valuable employee all at once. When it’s no longer B2C or B2B – When it’s M2Y (Me to You).

That’s the promise of the web, and that’s why Beta’s okay with me.

I hadn't seen this beta yet

A collaborative mastrubation network for Web 2.0--Now THAT's the spirit!!

Gerard answers the question about Waysde Shrines

Here's what they are. Wow. I had no idea.

February 06, 2006

in May of 2002, I met my first blogger at work

Neither of us work there anymore, but I knew it was the start of something big.

IN the news...

Some of our good friends made the Globe and Mail today in an article on CEO blogging.

Good stuff from Michael, Elliot, and of course, Albert Lai of BubbleShare -- who took the words right outta my mouth!

That's okay, Michael. I often post up to 32 times a day or not at all. It's all in the job description of Blogger. ;-)

B2.0, Yo Yo Ma, Souls, and Innovation

All in one nice post.
Someone from the audience asked him to talk about his intsrument, and he replied:

"This is a Stradivarius. It was made in 1712 in Cremona. To me, this intsrument has a soul. It plays by itself. It is so fast, it beats your own imagination. Unless you are careful, you get lulled into its world. It's like riding a horse: you've got to respect the instrument."

What is a "Wayside Shrine"?

Look at them all--there are over 100 examples of something I've never heard of before. They're each unique and quite beautiful. Jenna walked by while I was looking at them and said: "Are those all mailboxes?" I said, "I don't think so."

Dave Sifry: "The State of the Blogosphere Is Strong"

According to Dave Sifry's latest report, the blogosphere is doubling in size about every 5.5 months, and the blogosphere is over 60 times bigger than it was 3 years ago.

Other interesting facts from Dave:
  • Technorati now tracks over 27.2 Million blogs

  • On average, a new weblog is created every second of every day

  • 13.7 million bloggers are still posting 3 months after their blogs are created

  • Spings (Spam Pings) can sometimes account for as much as 60% of the total daily pings Technorati receives

  • Sophisticated spam management tools eliminate the spings and find that about 9% of new blogs are spam or machine generated

  • Technorati tracks about 1.2 Million new blog posts each day, about 50,000 per hour

  • Over 81 Million posts with tags since January 2005, increasing by 400,000 per day

  • Blog Finder has over 850,000 blogs, and over 2,500 popular categories have attracted a critical mass of topical bloggers

What does all of this mean? I learned a new word: Spings.

What do I do with it?

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The Gum Guy Has More Colors!

Hey, if you've been waiting, the gum guy is looking for dollar number 4, and he's got new colors.

In the old days of the net, his server would be crashing.

I just don't understand you young kids .

Matt, I think he could use some ElmiTaste--pack of zapp and a pack of smokescreen.

Gum Guy, I think you should keep going with the cool colors.

Maybe get some food coloring at the grocery store--you could make some really cool colors. Maybe you combine wads for a striped effect. Maybe you charge $2 for custom chews.

Maybe I'm making it all too complicated.

I'm just thinking out loud here.

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with any of these people, even though it says elimitaste is a client, because now they're more than a client, they're my friends. And the other part is that i like that some dude chewed a piece of gum for me for a dollar. I'm not sure what that says.

Just Beautiful

In every great work of prose there is a single sentnce that pulls into context every word written before it, and pushes into context every word that comes after:

This was my moment of becoming.

Jessica would say, "Now come on," to my saying so, but she is one of the great women writers of our time and of this space.

The President of the United States...

...is completely, uncategorically, absolutely, and without a doubt, NUTS. What else do you call a leader who is single-handedly destroying the world economy as he crushes the spirit and chances of survival/success of the sick, elderly, single parents, widowed, the laid off and unemployed and their children -- folks who are just trying to make ends meet.

Christian my ass. Conservative my double ass.

What he is is a nutjob nimrod.

And if you ask me sometime, I'll tell you what I really think.


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February 05, 2006

The Gum Wad Guy

Hey the gum wad guy is up to $3.00 in donations, and his paper plate is looking a lot more colorful, isn't it? I'm always glad to give a dollar to keep the Internet from getting too serious.

I asked him which color I am. Can you tell? I can't.

I'm hoping to be the bright white. But there's no telling.


Highlight This.

Ad blather points to good work by BBDO NY creatingdid a great point-of-sale grabber in the form of way-COOL sinage in front of a Fedex/Kinkos.



Stowe on CoComments

Stowe disects CoComments with interesting pics and explanations. Looking at all that, I think I'll wait and see what comes of it. Too much for tired brain.


Well all right!

this atlantan...

has been marveling over this bubbleshare album, 390 pics of what looks to be an Argentinian cattle drive? Dang I wish the pics had audio--I'd love to know the story. Some AWESOME photos. All I know is that you would have to love horses and cold weather to do this. I'm okay with the horse part, but LOOK at those mountains.

one word