October 19, 2010

You will not fricking believe what I'm into now...

mall walking.

ftw? yes, mall walking. Who knew that an entire counter culture existed within your suburban mall from before 8 a.m. until the "real" shoppers arrive at 10:00? I know!

Here's how it happened:

felt like death
decided to try one more time for life
started walking
decided to walk a 5K in the fall
got cold in Atlanta
looked for inside, closeby place to walk
went to mall
found 50 other people walking there
askd how long a lap around was
started walking
still walking.

That's pretty much it.

I passed my first elder mall walker today. I have been left in the dust by ladies who have to be approaching 100 and men with walkers. But not today; today was a mighy day. I passed one of them.

I'm comin' for them and they know it.

just wait.