September 23, 2006

Soukous Saturday

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Some blog, some write, some blow my mind

Madame, she reminds me.

Though he is fascinated by music theory, he is suspicious of any construct of thought. Standard Western notation and harmony is a big problem for him, particularly for the fact that the notation for many instruments (including his three instruments — alto saxophone, trumpet and violin) must be transposed to fit the “concert key” of C in Western music.

the pen starts moving the dream stops

a kind of dismantling
“Put your clothing back on,”

“I don’t want to see this acting.

I want to see the real you.

Serve me something to eat.”

I hear that.

September 21, 2006

There's no place like phone.

From Ronni:

"When I took part yesterday in the first PhoneCon, organized and conducted masterfully for six hours by Jeneane Sessum, we noted at several points that unlike about 98 percent of in-person tech and blog conferences, women on the telephone were the majority. We should be far enough along by now that numbers of men versus women in attendance anywhere is not noteworthy."

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September 20, 2006

Memories....are so beautiful and yet....

whistful. nostalgic. remembering. PhoneCon 2006.

thanks to: michael OCC (yah you know me).


Michael performs the train sound from Kevin MARK's live PhoneCon commute.

Tell me which kevin, somebody?

PhoneCon Intermission: Madame Levy - Some Women

For my kid too.

"Image dans son contexte original, sur la page":

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September 19, 2006

mmmm...fresh croissants!

live cooking blogging during phonecon - Amie Made Em! First her daughter pushed a hole through each one while Amie focused on PhoneCon, then she baked them. It's her BIRTHDAY!!!!!! HAPPY BDAY AMIE!
mmmm...fresh croissants!
Originally uploaded by Aimka.

PhoneCon Rocks Wrap-Up!!

Six hours on he phone with the coolest folks I know and don't know is wow--a throat bender of an experience--and WHAT A WONDERFUL day PhoneCon has been--transforming even. My brain is now just shy of a kitchen stove!

Now, for your enjoyment as reports come out across the globe:

PhoneCon Flickr Photo Pool - Conference Photos

From Paris, LESLIE with something the dog dragged in.

Audio Clips courtesy of Ken:

Susan Kitchens performs ladlerredrottenhut live in the Anguish Languish.

Jeneane can't talk like a pirate, so she gives some Southern Belle.

Frank sings the closing keynote, and his baloney has no middle name.

Various Links

Links from a 2-hour chat segment of PhoneCon, in order of appearance, proving once again that hyperlinks subvert everything.

Leslie with something the cat dragged in.

We had upwards of 50 participants, but didn't hit the 96 mark. Most people on the call at one time hovered around a dozen, and slipped down to 3 once.

Amazing. Laughter. Joy.


Key Take Aways

New Product: HoodCam - "Images from the Hood" - first wi-fi & GPS-enabled web cam mounted on the hood of your car to let others know where you're at and where you're headed.

Ronnie says NYC doesn't allow garbage disposals?

Amie makes the best croissants in Pittsburgh.

Leslie lives in a Presbeter(SP?) near Paris that used to be a cemetary--her dog digs up the dead.

Frank's baloney is worth singing about.

Phonecasting is the new Podcasting


Doug, don't be scared.

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day.


McD shudded over RB's record feature DOESN'T WORK.


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Flickr Photo Pool for PhonCon Con

Conference Photos and such...

ongoing. weird. live.

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Soup's on!!!

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LESLIE - whoo! bike riding with big dog, the gate came down and there are six dogs standing there. so they ducked into the cemetery to protect themesleves until the farmer came home. so there was a dead family in the cemetary named rackelboom -- 20 of them. From like 18 something til present day. Near Paris. Live in the presbeter where the priests used to live.

This is where they used to bury the people--and the dog will dig up a femur once in a while.... OMG.

OH MY FUCKING GOD! LOOK! we're talking TORSOS, not fingers!!

And Peter Dawson just joined. And so did Nick Nichols from Philippines.

The dog ate a poison rat in the field last week. She had weird convulsions and went to the vet and she was fine the next day. She tried to go and hide.


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okay maybe someone will get ON THE PHONE NOW so I don't have to listen to this on-hold music!

Joey DeVilla and Wendy Koslow, Ronnie Bennett, Amy Gillingham, Ralph Brandi.


Jeneane - Mauve. Tie-dye shirt, sweats.

Joey - Navy Blue. Trouble-shooter, wearing t-shirt and boxer shorts with bear pix.

Ronnie - Midnight Blue. Loose cotton pants. Jacket. Portland Maine.

Amy - Muddy Green. She has a new baby and a two-year-old (flickr pix) who crushed her croissants this morning, she is wearing a brown shirt and left-over maternity shorts.

Ralph - Shade lighter than midnight blue. He is Red-Green color blind. Traffic light green looks white. Ronni's bedroom, which is white and green, which would look unicolor to Ralph. Joey's boxers would look brow to him. Ralph is wearing a Ass Ponies t-shirt and a pair of shorts that are purple but look brown to him.

COLOR BLIND UPDATE: On the Apple Airport Wi-Fi hub, there's an LED that shows working as green and not working is red. Red-green colorblind people like Ralph can't tell the difference.

OMG WE ARE HAVING FUN!!!  Pressing 9 to record does NOT work. That kind sux. Here's how's recording feature works:

You press 9 to leave the conference so you can enter the pin.
You don't leave the conference
Everyone laughs because you are still there
You try entering your pin
The first number of your pin is the SAME number used to exit the conference

You then call the 1-800 support number and left a message.

Someone call and record this motherfucker.


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OMG I'm getting ready to open the lines for PhoneCon!

Well, the tables are shaped in a U, the Wi-Fi is cooking, and the water pitchers are clanking with ice.

At a minimum, please be prepared to discuss what you are wearing and what you are eating.

Dial in after 8:30 a.m. and before 2:30 p.m. EST USA

(605) 772-3200
Participant Access Code: 619136#


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September 18, 2006

September 17, 2006

WHAT TIME IS IT!!!!!? PhoneCon 2.0 Fall TIME!!!!


PHONECON 2.0 FALL -- Teh w00t!

Prerequisite: Understanding PHONECON History: CLICK HERE.


TUESDAY SEPT 19th. (AKA DAY AFTER THIS) Starting 9 a.m. East Coast U. S. time. Going until we get cut off. Supposedly we can talk for SIX HOURS.


You and 95 of your closest bloghorts or people you have never heard of.

Call yourself Conference Attendees. Premium Registrants. Dingos Who Like to Shoot the Shit. Just don't call yourselves billable! (BLAHAHAHA--I slay me.)


Morbid curiosity. To test out the true scalability of -- a remarkably free service that I've used for four-person conference calls with no probs, but now I'm curious about what happens when you get 96 people on the phone for six hours -- okay or 20 minutes -- and try to record it. Is it true what they say you can do for free?

Each account accommodates 96 callers on an unlimited number of 6 hour conference calls. Long distance charges may apply. However, there are no additional charges from

FreeConferenceCall accounts also come with FREE conference call recording! Not only is the recording service free, it's accessible by phone or computer, with no additional charges for downloading. You can distribute, archive or even send recordings to your listeners via RSS and podcast...


To talk--per-chance to connect, to glean, to gufaw, to add context to hyperlinks. Sort of.


1 woman and 52 men--NO WAIT, that's O2.0TM.

EVERYONE! If you want to talk on the phone, don't mind being recorded and casted if I can figure that out, and if anything interesting happens; if you are one of the 95 to make it on sometime during the day; and if you feel like it, well then you can participate. Live blogging is encouraged because I have no idea if the recording thing works and why would I discourage you from something as sacred as live blogging a phone call?

P.S. A special conference organizer shout out to all the Web 2.0 Womens: That means YOU.




Okay, no, seriously, you're in charge. But I was talking with the Co-Vice-Honorary-Capital- Advisory-President this evening, because the Chief Evangelist of the Chairman of the Bored whom I originally made this shit up with last time was 'sleep, and we came up with some ideas to kick around. Please bring your own topics.

Some Topics and Estimated Runtime:

Are you experienced? - 3o minutes
Favorite Hues - 3 hours
Wikipedia--"fixed" or free to procreate? - break out groups: 5 minutes.
What makes the web (AKA: meaning making 101) -- ongoing
Frank Paynter: A song - 2 minutes
Conclusion - 30 seconds (AKA: Bye!)


Charge your battery
Dial in after 8:30 a.m. and before 2:30 p.m.

(605) 772-3200
Participant Access Code: 619136#

See what happens.


Business Casual, Sweats, Naked, or the 2004 Boys and Girls Special.

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Valleyitis Myosis

Dear Valleyites,

You are not that cool.

You are not the smartest people in the world.

Many of you are not very street smart--if you came to where many of us live, you would be afraid of the shade of an integrated neighborhood. You might also be afraid of the lack of asperger's in the gene pool and the high number of female species representing mating possibilities.

Yes it is cool that you live in a Big Hub of Innovation, but please do not forget that just five years ago it was a Big Hub of Unemployment. Don't forget that nature is watching you. And what the fuck is this "Teh" thing all about? Can you people not type? Can you STOP with the "in crowd" lingo? I'm going to start speaking Pig Latin and pretend that all of the cool webby Canadians are doing it.

And does Mike Arrington dress you?

Maybe the answer is not to Flock to the Valley to "be part of what's in the air" (in addition to Dave Winer getting DSL service--jesus you'd think someone in Darfur just got a steak dinner with that problem solved), but to instead flock ANYWHERE ELSE, to Europe, to Toronto, to Macau, to Idaho, to Rome, to Schenectady to anywhere a conversation can be had by people who don't wrap themselves in hipness and lingo that hope to make them seem hipper and wealthier than their unemployed asses were five years ago--that is if they were out of high school five years ago. (Love you kids--now get outta my yard!)

Grumpy in the ATL

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It's a Monkey Thing

Now THESE are cool necklaces, from one of our Canadian sisters, who should head on over to Toronto's Chick Advisor and share the monkey love. I can also relate to Miss Melissa's abandonment issues around publications.

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