February 25, 2005

Lost Labor of Love

To honor the role of labor and the individuals who helped to build industrial America:
LOST LABOR: Images of Vanished American Workers 1900-1980 is a selection of 155 photographs excerpted from a collection of more than 1100 company histories, pamphlets, and technical brochures documenting America's business and corporate industrial history This collection has been assembled over the last 20 years and many of the titles are rare and difficult to find.

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February 24, 2005

Content Factor Weblog

UPDATE: As of November, 2005, I am no longer associated with The Content Factor or The Content Factor Weblog.

The Content Factor now has a weblog where we plan to tackle all things related to business communications--from specifics on writing well to our thoughts on winning business models, strategies, etc. Of course, I'll also try to include some of this author's well-known wit and sarcasm from time to time as well. ;-)

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Oh--Now I Like This.

I've been finding some good women bloggers this morning that I hadn't read before. I'm blogrolling them as I go. This tickled my fancy. Because I enjoy the sentiment. And the exasperation-turned-rage.

Shelley, if you're online at some x-random library, sitting on one of those wooden chairs with the black padded seats, in West Dakota or wherever your travels are taking you, you should have yourself a read. It's better than caffeine. ;-)

President Snoop Dog Thanks U.S. Troops at Wiesbaden Army Airfield Base

4:56 P.M. (Local)

THE PRESIDENT: Thizzank you all if you gots a paper stack. (Applause.) Thiznank you very miznuch mah nizzle. Thizzay you fo` tha wiznarm welcome. Laura n I wizzle in tha neighborhood -- Wanna Be Gangsta -- n we thought we'd J-to-tha-izzust dizzle by ta say hello. Howdy cuz its a doggy dog world. (Laughta n applause.)

Boo-Yaa!. Laura n I is proud ta be wit you in tha mutha fuckin club. I'm glad ta be wit tha men n bitchez of tha Third Support Command, n tha 421st Medical Evacuation Battalion . I thought i told ya, nigga I'm a soldier. (Applause.)

I see a lot of Big Red Ones here in tha crowd -- (applause) -- I K-N-to-tha-izzow you've jizzy back from Iraq . It dont stop till the wheels fall off. I'm pleazed ta say, "izzy wizzle done." (Applause.)

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February 23, 2005

America Idol Worship

I'm ashamed to admit it. Only sort of. Jenna and I are hooked on our third season of American Idol. Since George is usually out being an American Idol at the time it comes on, he's not hooked. I'm ashamed, as I've said, because anything called "American Idol" is something I would normally shy away from. I am, after all, like, sane. What a sick name. What a distasteful concept.

But I can now say, in my third season, that it's, well, a good show. And I'm enjoying it. And thank goodness, now that Jenna's a little older, she doesn't cry every time someone gets sent home.

February 21, 2005

Shotgun Golf.

Peace, Doctor.

HST: "I see. It's like one of those original Hyatt Regency Hotels. Like an atrium. In the middle of the building you could jump straight down into the lobby?"

BILL: "Exactly like that!"

HST: "It's like people driving balls from one balcony to the next."

BILL: (Laughs.) "Yes, they could."

HST: "I could be on the eighth floor and you on the sixth? Or on the fifteenth. And we'd be driving across a lake."

BILL: "They have flags out every 150 yards, every 200 yards, every 250 yards. It's just whether you are hitting it at ground level, or from five stories up."

HST: "I want to find out more about this. This definitely has a future to it."

BILL: "They have one here in the city -- down at Chelsea Pier."

HST: "You must have played a lot of golf in Japan."

BILL: "Not much; I just had one really great day of golf. I worked most of the time. But I did play one beautiful golf course. They have seasonal greens, two different types of grass. It's really beautiful."

HST: "Well, I'm writing a column for ESPN.com and I want to know if you like my new golf idea. A two-man team."

BILL: "Well, with all safety in mind, yes. Two-man team? Yeah! That sounds great. I think it would create a whole new look. It would create a whole new clothing line."

HST: "Absolutely. You'll need a whole new wardrobe for this game."

BILL: "Shooting glasses and everything."

HST: "We'll obviously have to make a movie. This will mushroom or mutate -- either way -- into a real craze. And given the mood of this country, being that a lot of people in the mood to play golf are also in the mood to shoot something, I think it would take off like a gigantic fad."

February 20, 2005

Female Problems

So I've been thinking.

Facing the prospect of surgery again. Not happy. It'll be okay. It's time to get things taken care of once and for all. I've done my homework and I've got time to plan this time. In fact, I think I can stretch out the timeframe until summer when Jenna's off school. At least that would allow for sleeeeeeping in some. But gee wizers. Still scares me. Just been dealing with those types of realizations. Mind games. Something's gotta give.

Listen ladies, if you've had a hysterectomy, I want to hear good things from you--how much energy you have now, how it wasn't so bad--not much worse than a c-section. And I'll take some caveats too.

Listen men, if your wife has had a hysterectomy, I want you to tell me how great she feels now and how you still love her just the same--maybe more. How she's hotter now because she's not stuck in the bathroom two weeks out of the month.

These are the stories I want to hear. You must tell them. They shouldn't be a secret just because the whole thing is a bloody mess. Those kind of secrets kill us. Shame is their lock.

Because my mind, she plays tricks on me. Tickles me with all sorts of worries and fears. The what ifs. But I have time. This non-smoker has to start walking. Gotta be around for my sweet girl. I know these things--I have these goals. Just haven't been so great on executing against them.

When did I stop being 23?

I don't get it.

Read about some of my past reproductive struggles here and other sordid[sic] places in my archives.