September 15, 2010

It Takes an iVillage to Raise a Child

I once had a little baby girl. When she was just a few months old, some of you held her. On her 5th birthday, a boatload of you, my blog friends, filled our living room with boxes from this cool online store called amazon-dot-com. We still have the scooter, Denise Howell. When she got her tonsills out, you sent her get well emails. Frank Paynter you bought this-n-that from her fund raisers. Elaine Frankonis you made her a hat. Margaret B. Adam you took on the task of hunting for Nessie for her in Glasscow. When we took her to SXSW, you built lego houses with her, Halley Suitt -- and Auntie Kat Herding, you know all about the phone talks ending with, "Tell Jenna Uncle RageBoy says Hey." On Sept 30 she turns 13. And my Web of friends, you are the village it takes.