October 20, 2006


having trouble posting. ftp errors. this must be the change that blogger is making to blogspot plus hosting that "shouldn't affect my blog much." uhhhhh?

strep and fetch it

One of the things Jenna brought back on the plane was strep. soooo that's what I've been up to the last couple of days. Fetching tissues for her to spit in and tissues for noses and wet washcloths for skin that she says feels soooo hot mommy. And soup too. Don't forget the vegetable beef soup.

Amazing Omnicef. She's bopping around today, getting back to herself quickly, though nebby treatments have begun. Looks like ENT-ville again and the tonsil discussion. I hear it's outpatient these days, which is awesome. I remember going in the night before, then being wheeled into the OR and telling the surgeon I was going to throw up as soon as I smelled that ether. They said no you aren't; it just smells. I said yes I am, and I puked all over the operating table. They freaked out and sent me home. I had to go back to kindergarten WITH my tonsils and fess up to throwing up. A few weeks later we tried again. This time, no puking and byebye tonsils.

I'm hoping better things for jenna, like no problems if it has to be, and lots of ice cream. Please don't tell her that you really don't care about ice cream when they finally get around to giving it to you.

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October 17, 2006

Footus Interruptus

starring, my foot.

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The power of the nerd.

George has found another home.

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home again home again jiggedy jig

2,000 emails in 4 days--apparently someone was very worried about my penis while I was away.

Chalk one up to instinct. I was "x" <--- this close to flying into Buffalo to save $ (it's always cheaper), which would have left us stranded for the entire trip in 30 inches of snow and no power. Down the thruway an hour or so in Rochester, we saw a few flurries, but mostly green grass and sun, and some COLD ASS nights. That lake effect. It's a natural wonder.

Merry Christmas! More soon!

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