July 29, 2006

Great live blogging also by Amy Garhan

...at Right Conversation.

great recaps at christine.net.

super audio reports at Kim Pearson's place.

BlogHim, Frank paynter also.

More live blogging reads here.

Subscribe to the chat feed here.

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I Rock the Baby Doll

Frank, we want to see you in the Baby Doll.
I Rock the Baby Doll
Originally uploaded by secondhandtryptophan.

Christine Herron's Live Blogging

Christine.net has great coverage of yesterday's BlogHer sessions. Assuming she'll be blogging today as well.

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chat me blogher

The BlogHer Chat is up and runnin'. Hoping some conference goers stop by and give us a taste of the action.

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July 28, 2006

Shelley Remembers Meg

In a powerful, hand-stitched post that Meg would have appreciated.

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I am in the chat memorial for Mandarin Meg currently

Instructions for joining the Memorial chat for Meg Goodrich that is taking place at BlogHer:

open up your chat client

type /attach freenode

(the front slash is important I think)

when you have some indication that you are attached to freenode, type:

/join #mandarinmeg

We are sitting in silence. If something moves you to speak, feel free to share it in the chat. From Frank:

This gathering will be loosely modeled on Quaker practice: coming together in silence, followed by some brief comments by me regarding our purpose there, then continuing quiet while people speak when they feel moved to share. We will ask that each person speak only once until all present have had a chance to share. After an hour of silence broken by our thoughts and memories, I will break the silence by standing and thanking those in attendance.

This memorial chat goes from 3:45 pacific time for what I think is about an hour.

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Follow the Pix

Betsy Devine has started a Flickr photo pool for BlogHer pix. Watch the ladies strut their stuff. And schwag!

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Tired of my Own Mug - Join Us at BlogHer From Afar

Stop over to BlogHer today and tomorrow to follow all the action.

Will Frank Paynter hug Jory Des Jardins like I asked him to do last time?
Will Dave Winer show up, shut up, and learn something?
Will the power of hundreds of women in one location push back the Pacific tide or elicit mass menses?
Will the world ever be the same? (I say no.)

We'll be having a chat tomorrow--stay tuned for more information.

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July 27, 2006

Blog Sisters + BlogHer in the Pittsburgh Tribune

A very nicely done article in the Pittsburgh Tribune on women and blogging that quotes yours truly, as well as the BlogHers who were kind enough to give a nod to their Blog Sisters. The article discusses how blogs have helped women find and exercise their voices.

You may wonder if some media training isn't in order for Mrs. Sessum, as she reveals before God and clients the imminent loss of her uterus and her penchant for X*anax. It's not every day you get THIS kind of publicity!

"If life were supposed to be orderly, then my house wouldn't look like it does and my kid wouldn't have open paints and blendy pens all over her floor, and I wouldn't have to take a half of a zzzzanax as I mull over the many possibilities in the weeks and months ahead."
-- allied.blogspot.com, by Jeneane Sessum, as she contemplates an upcoming hysterectomy


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The BlogHerati

YOU GO, GIRLZ. Congrats to Lisa, Elisa and Jory for powering through 2006 to organize another successful BlogHer Conference. The action has begun. I'm a virtual stalker. Down but not out.
Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort, Jory DesJardins
Originally uploaded by marytsao.

BlogHer IRC Lead Fingers -- that's leeeed, not the toxic metal...

I'm working with the beautiful Lisa Stone to put a bit of organization around the IRC chat for virtual participation in BlogHer on Saturday. I'll be the lead cheerleader from afar--GO TEAM!--and am organizing folks who are actually at the conference to be on the IRC channel with us so they can give us the lowdown. There will also be live blogging that will keep us remote attendees in the fray.

More information on the chat whereabouts etc, coming soon.

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I'm in my quiet period.

(that made me laugh out loud yesterday, you know, given all that's been going on. sorry. had to share.)

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July 25, 2006


General Abacha died!!!

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July 24, 2006

It's one of those things

my life right now is very limboesque. health issues do that. at least to me. put me into a not well but not unconscious 'just here' place that I absolutely abhor. But that' how it is. So, here I'm saying to you, just like I did when I quit smoking, that I want to make meaning out of this, that I have 3 weeks until I see the doc again, and in that time I am going to focus like a laser beam on getting healthier. I can do this.

And even though I'm rollercoaster-phobic about hospitals, if that's what comes next, I can do that too. (Remember, I'm saying this here so you'll remind me, like you did when I quit the cigs, which you helped me do, whether you know it or not, even though I've told you so.) So let's get jiggy with it. And let's get ready for virtual BlogHer, including a friends memorial for Meg thanks to Frank's good heart.

For those who want to participate, the memorial will be at BlogHer on July 28, from 3:45 to 4:45 in suite 8111 at the Hyatt. A Freenode IRC chat space will be set-up for remote participants. There is a possibility of streaming audio--either way, I'll be there.

So let's, you know, let's be and be together and be okay and be healthy. And be there.

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More thought on now and later and BlogHer and Qads

If you're a woman who has bled through her clothes on a mode of public transportation no matter how well you prepared, if you've ever been anemic and huff-and-puff tired, if you've felt so low low down about your uncooperative womb and how it rules your life when it decides to, then you'll know why it's looking less likely that I'll be hopping a Jet to CA on Thursday.

The doc wants another ultrasound in 3 weeks. Then we decide what to do. OR, more succinctly, when to do what has to be done. Gotta get Jenna back to school on the 14th. Gotta get George to Korea potentially soon. Gotta keep going. Put off menopause. Dig old Xanax out of the purse. Get moving. Get healthier before surgery. Keep working.

The cute ad below is from Qumana's Qads. Oh my gosh--it is unbelievably easy to add an ad to a blogpost with Qumana. All this time I was hesitant to push the "insert ad" button because I didn't know what I would be doing to my fine sponsors. I thought I might trigger an event that would, well, embarrass them, spewing penis spam throughout the blogosphere. But it doesn't work that way. You just click it and put in a keyword and Bob's your Uncle. It's almost like tag-ads. Like you put in a tag, and up comes an ad. I thought that's how Google ads were supposed to work, but they NEVER worked for me. Blogads are more involved--they are like horizontal ads, umbrella ads, while Qads lets you drill down to keywords and hook right up to waiting advertisers.

The moral of the story: Do not hesitate to click in life. Invest in overnight pads. And take your iron.

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July 23, 2006

When it rains it rains

And that means good things as well as the other kind.

I've been deep in thought lately--and deep into work--both of which hamper the old blogging ritual. Lots to think about and lots to do. The Friday doctor's appointment was interesting. I think he's my favorite surgeon I never met.

I went to the office for my appointment to realize that I was at the WRONG office, and couldn't find the doc's number through information, so i finally called another doc who had his number, which I then dialed and reached the office staff, who were gracious enough to say come on up (20 miles) even though I was now an hour late, and so I drove it on my donut tire (because the tire place was fixing the flat) and got there only to realize that I would never make Jenna's final camp party, which I promised to attend, if I didn't leave right away. So I went up to the window and just put my head in my hands and said, "you have to help me with this." The most efficient receptionist I've ever met listened while I explained getting lost, and the donut spare, and my daughter's picnic, and my pain, and my other appointment on Monday and everything.

He said, "Hey, it's okay. You should go be with your child--you promised." And I wanted to hug him as he re-scheduled me and sent me on with a smile and a new appointment card, after which I drove back down to Jenna's camp for the cookout and party that lasted two hours in 140-degree heat, but mostly was inside, praise the lord, and with one slipper on my left TOE foot, and one shoe on my right, I participated in the three-legged race, the hoola-hoop-pass-through, and the egg-and-spoon relay, because when you're a mom that is precisely the kind of day Friday can be.

So let's just get honest here and say that I will be having a hysterectomy sooner or later--the timeframe of which will be discussed on Monday, and THAT alone is interesting as I say this in front of friends and clients alike--thank god most of my clients are also friends--but I figure outside of the first week of pain-medicine-sleep, I should be able to work on my laptop and little else. Hormonal changes notwithstanding, I'm figuring post-hyst to be a productive time for work. And apparently just hanging around in bed is the matter of course after a TAH for a couple/few weeks/months.

And that's all well and good, and I'm excited for George that his new working band (and i mean working as in, not so much an artistic endeavor but a band designed to satisfy well-paying overseas venues) may have just landed a gig in Korea for three months, except that gee that is an interesting development given these current state of home front affairs, and my bowels shudder and loosen at the thought of solo parenthood coinciding with surgery and recovery. But then who knows? Mysterious ways. Goodness knows.

If life were supposed to be orderly, then my house wouldn't look like it does and my kid wouldn't have open paints and blendy pens all over her floor, and I wouldn't have to take a half of a zzzzanax as I mull over the many possibilities in the weeks and months ahead.

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