September 21, 2007


It's an ethnic thing...

I watched for a moment, enjoying the way the light showed off the beautiful crystallization of the cheese, and the manager caught my eye. I nodded at the cheese, and said, "It's a real thing of beauty." He laughed, and replied, "It certainly is." Then he took his own knife, split out a small chunk from the center of the cheese, and passed it to me to taste. "Nothing like the heart," he said.

mmmmm cheese alright! My personal faves are locatelli romano and for homemade sauce it has to be pecorino romano.


is there a blogger's fantasy football team anywhere?

I haven't played Fantasy Football in 15 years. After reading AKMA's post on his fantasy baseball season, I'm jonesin' for a good season of Fantasy Football.

There was a time in my life when football was my reason for hanging. A powerful depression/anxiety combo platter threatened to undo me early on in college. I was in Buffalo then, and became a Bills fan--in the days before the Bills had a shot at post-season play, let alone super bowl appearances. I became part of a community of people who knew the odds were against them, and believed anyway. Above all else, football teaches you that.

The love of football I had as a kid sustained me. I wish you could see me at 9, wearing my bright red #16 Lenny Dawson jersey, tough as nails, shoulder pads underneath, watching intently as my brother drew the next play on the palm of his hand.

I'm an AFC girl stuck in an NFC town. It's really not fair.

The best antidote I can think of is a good round of Fantasy Football. Drop me an email if you've got a line on a Fantasy league for me, will ya? And remind me how to play. I'm a bit rusty.


stowe on ebola

Stowe shares my personal nightmare of an airborne Ebola outbreak. (Add Bird Flu to mine--find me a source for tamiflu, will ya?) Stowe notes that a conventional outbreak of Ebola fever is spreading in the Congo. So far at least 167 people have died over about four months and nearly 400 are sick with Ebola, which is usually fatal, and not in a good way.

Scary stuff. So far from Silicon Valley and Web 2.0, yet so close with our hyper-mobile global economy.

We all breathe one air.


Authentic Original Tecktonik Dance Mixes

It's all the rage. It's panic-attack-bad-rash-lice-in-the-hair-seizure-inducing disco! And it's just not right.

So if you're looking for authentic, original tecktonik dance mixes, give George a call at 770-598-2315.

[want to learn the latest dance moves? watch this instructional video... then if you're over 40, shoot yourself. At least in the foot.]


September 20, 2007

For the indie consultant's toolkit

No I'm not even getting paid by these folks.

I figured I would do something different today and start out with a disclaimer that disclaims my non-involvement with a cool web-based signature tool company called echosign. I used their e-signature capability today to sign an NDA for a client after searching Google to see if such a tool exists.

Echosign eliminated the hassles of printing, signing, and faxing back the form, and since this particular fellow didn't have a fax machine handy, that meant I would have had to scan the signed form, save it as a JPEG, then attach it in an email, blah blah zzz zzz.

With echosign, you can one-click sign a document, email it to the people of your choosing, and access the saved documents in your online archive.

You get 5 trial signatures when you register. After that, it's $12.95/month, which is just above my gut-instinct price point for such a service. That's why I would like Google to buy echosign and add the capability to Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Thank you. (P.S. Google, please work on solving the healthcare problem first.)