April 19, 2008

I listen to the new sound of BBF!

George and I were strolling down AM radio memory lane from our home towns tonight - what a cool cool site for taking you baaaack. If you grew up in the northeast, you'll probably find your old favorite radio station here.

This one reminded me of the old radio FREE advertising tactic (okay maybe a couple of promo tickets to a concert, but no ad agency required) of getting the audience to answer their home phones with an ad. I remember when I spent a week or two answering our home phone "I listen to the new sound of BBF!" in hopes of winning something from WBBF. "You never know when we'll call, so answer your phone that way every time. If we call you, and you answer 'I listen to the new sound of BBF,' you win!"

Lots of radio stations in our area adopted this cheap WOM ad tactic, though few of the families in my neighborhood would dare answer the phone with anything other than a proper 'Hello?' Polite phone voices were the "in thing" before SMS.

BBF never called me. But I think that bringing back the retro ad tactic of answering your phone with a slogan is worth a try. SO the next time you call me, don't be surprised if I pick up the phone and say, "I'm voting for Obama!" And you know what I win... We all win.


April 18, 2008

that's what you gotta do.

brush yer shoulders offf.

Tom on Social Networks circa 2004


"On an only slightly less naive level, software that is social could try to imagine what is involved in the development of a society. I don't think Social Man began when a bunch of australopithecines began swapping cave art faves around a dead moose."

not-so-interim tom matrullo.
once there, now here.


You KNOW You Know


April 17, 2008

Big Blogger News, Sez Me - SezWho Comes to Blogger!!

In working with the folks at SezWho over the last several months, I've been on pins and needles waiting for the free service to be available for Google's Blogger blogs.

Well w00t!! That day has arrived.

Today SezWho announced a bunch of very cool news as part of it's SezWho 2.0 launch, including support for Blogger blogs and Drupal blogs and discussion forums and phpBB bulletin boards, and open APIs all around.

SezWhosers can not only rate comments, but posts as well, and they can also remain anonymous or be authenticated by email or URL, which I think is TRES COOL, because in saying I AM COMMENTING AS JENEANE OF ALLIED, I'm building one part of my reputation, and maybe I want to build my reputation as a marketing renegade by engaging in some conversations based on my GonzoEngaged URL. AND sometimes I just want to be me.

I'm not sure how it's all going to shake out as far as what blogs I'll use SezWho on first, but I am very excited at the prospects of trying it out on Blog Sisters especially, because, as the OLDEST women's group blog, that community needs some new life, some new ways to engage contributors that not only write on Blog Sisters, but have homes across the social web. I need something to encourage the ladies to come and play.

It's hard to beat the business model mantra of BlogHer and other women's communities who have found ways to monetize and even pay their contributors for participation. But when money's not the main point, there are still rewards to be had in participating -- social rewards -- and the one I like the best is FUN. Blog Sisters remains an open forum, a place for women to write about what.ever without worrying about how it might affect ad dollars or elite sensibilities. SO I think having a community-based reputation and discussion tool over there that we can use as a springboard for participating elsewhere is just what's needed.

Bub.bliciou.us has more info on the news
: "SezWho 2.0 closes the conversational loop, delivering value back to site hosts (in terms of page views and engagement) and to participants (in terms of reputation and expertise building). SezWho captures valuable information about the history and expertise of individual social media contributors, encourages more thoughtful commentary, and cultivates community engagement."

I really like what Sarah Perez says on her blog and over at RWW regarding fractured conversations and why we care. Her experience discussing the topic -- where, once again, the mighty many ended up depositing their thoughts and expertise directly into Scoble's blog comments with no thread to their larger participation across other social sites -- is an example of why services like SezWho are needed. Sarah points out that conversations belong to everyone. And while this is ideally the case, I think they CAN belong to everyone and STILL be connected and tied back to the contributor, but only through tools that enable cross-media, Intersite, distributed-but-connected conversations.

I'll keep you posted about how it goes and here it goes as I move from enthusiasm into action over on Blog Sisters soon.

p.s. Mixed with my excitement over SezWho is sadness and actual panic over Eric Case leaving Bloogle, being that Eric was my only bat phone connection to Google's Blogger, and if you don't have a bat phone connection, you are often SOL when it comes to Blogger. 1.) I'm scared. 2.) GOOD LUCK ERIC and thanks for everything.

Like, for putting up with me during the migration to the new servers. Even when I was a bitch. And when I gave your email to 10 of my closest Blogger friends. And when I yelled at you because I paid $180 for blogspot hosting in 2001 and doesn't that mean something. And when I tried to reach you on sabatical. And if you wouldn't mind giving me your home number that'd be SUPER...

Seriously, Good luck Eric. Lets rock the conversatiola folks.


April 15, 2008

on a need to know bassist

Re:Favorite Electric Bass Players
Sunday, February 05 2006 @ 08:02 AM CST

In no particular order, my fave bass players:

Geddy Lee
Marcus Miller
Joel Johnson
George Sessum
Mark King

Mark King of Level 42 is awesome. Geddy Lee is going to be on most people's lists. Marcus Miller is maybe pound for pound the best, most versatile bass player ever. George Sessum is a jazz great who I used to see perform every weekend in the jazz group Cabo Frio. George is one of the best funk bass players EVER and I saw him in little clubs that I snuck into underage. He is unbelievable. Joel Johnson is a great bass player no one probably knows - I played with him in a band in college. And I include Flee because I love his playing - though I'm a casual fan - I only have two RHCP albums.

There are more players I like, but those are my faves.

April 14, 2008

Social Workgroup for Hire...

Oh. I remember when I had this idea! It's still ready to happen, isn't it? I bet in another couple years social workgroups will be spinning off and acquiring other socos (social companies). You'll see.

(that is if we're not all hovering next to a barrel full of wood kindling looking for scraps of food on the street post economic meltdown. I'm pretty sure it will go one way or the other. Stay tuned for details.)

Two years ago I thought it might simplify projects to work from social workgroups - something we'd been wanting to do with the gonzo engaged group since 2001. We're not quite there yet, are we guys? ;-)