May 11, 2006

And on the 12th Day, God Made AKMA

and I love him.

AKMA on the good cause and the white guy.

Is the White Man there because the moment really needs his visible presence, or is he the token of establishment approval, proving that White Power (to some extent) supports this movement, and back-handedly reinforcing the premise that if White Men don’t want something to happen, it won’t? The ambiguous legacy of St MacGyver involves the very good dimension of conscientized White Men putting their resources at the disposal of women and people of color — excellent! It also involves White Men’s power and privilege sapping the diluting the power that people of color and women might exercise over against White Men.

Maybe AKMA can't jump, but he can kick some ass.

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An Answer in CollectiveX?

Is CollectiveX the answer to e-room I've been looking for 4 about 120 years? And if so, do you mind if I wet myself?

See Stowe for more. Meet me at Silo Blue.

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Yeah, You Know Me

Inspired by McD, something for the other people.

on death and dying

I remember when Halley started blogging all those years ago, and how she sort of blogged herself into life online with such force as she simultaneously blogged about how it was to watch her father's life force go offline. What she shared with us about it remains some of the most moving stuff ever blogged--I hope it helps Robert to read how it was for Halley.

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I mean, I said to the lady on the phone...

...that it was a good thing I blogged and could share my particular America West experience with others online. She had no idea what I was talking about. I wonder if she does now?

How rewarding to see their practice of double or triple charging AFTER THE PURCHASE of tickets, and holding those funds, exposed. Did I mention that they lost the luggage involved with this trip as well? And only half came back the first day? Finally by 11 p.m. on day two, all luggage was accounted for.

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May 10, 2006

Your Candidate of the Future is a Social Network

Preface: It's My Space Too

No matter what you think, MySpace isn't what you think. That's because there is no single thing going on inside MySpace that is any more or less important than any other thing that is going on inside of MySpace.

It's also because MySpace is not just for kids and sexual predators--as the marketeers and right-wing respectively would have you believe. (Yes, I know I said, "just." Sure both exist in MySpace, just like they do in the confessional at church).

The Ad Man, he would like his clients to believe that MySpace is a single target demographic, the hip youth, the barely legal, the Pepsi generation 2006 style. A lab experiment of teens and 20-somethings.

But like everything else that the Ad Man tries to box in online, MySpace exists in layers, not as a round target with a bulls-eye in the middle.

The funny thing? That's not what I was going to write about tonight; I only wanted to tell you that if you're not exploring MySpace on your own, don't believe what you hear from others who are doing just what you're doing--not exploring it.

The EnterSpace

What I was going to write about, inspired by the communities of developers and code masters on MySpace, was about what the job candidate of the future will look like to the enterprise, whose HR managers and outside headhunters work hard today to recruit and sift through resumes, to run background checks and screening, to skills test and verify, to schedule interviews and follow ups.

And I was thinking of this in relation to social networks and what Doc has written about consumers becoming producers, co-creators with business, and that change that we're on the brink of, I think, that instant where you and I and become not consumers and users of what business makes - we become partners and co-producers.

Content Couldn't Hurt a Flea

"Consumer-Generated Media" (CGM) and "Consumer-Generated Content" -- about which there exist entire conference tracks now--hell, maybe entire conferences. It wouldn't surprise me -- is another leg of this bizarre figure I'm drawing here, with my words and connections I haven't quite parsed yet.

So what's wrong, really, is the same thing that's always wrong. The box. That's being thought inside of.

And what's really wrong is that certainly "content" and "media" are non-threatening words, trojan horses for business-->let us bring our content inside. badaboom-->here comes the army motherfucker.

But today, there's no wooden horse, not yet. So businesses are springing up to take advantage of consumer-generated content. Right? I mean, why not--who would mind if consumers generate content? Less work for those leveraging that content. Free writing, or cheap, basically. Hurray Content Generators!! Thank you blogosphere for the new 'we write for free' intern program. Score one for business vs the amateur.

And big-B business has a little chuckle at our expense.

Thank You for the Brand Building, Popeye.

And so today we write and write and blogs floweth over with posts and networks floweth over with content and advertising models floweth over with ideas on how consumers can be rewarded for generating that cool content that they generate so very well.

such good consumers.

Guess what. It's not content you should be worried about, my inside friends. Because the hundreds of thousands of social networks, large and small, across the net, are generating a hell of a lot more than content. Let's talk about consumer-generated products and consumer-generated services that kick your company's asses? Let's talk about always on and customer service.

What about social networks cranking collaborative oil at such speed that friction pumps pistons pumping, and we're producing goods and services for and among these networks that rival yours?

content. right. keep your eye on the content. never mind that man behind the curtain. media, sure. that's right, you go ahead and let those consumers generate all the media hey can.

meanwhile, back at the innovation factory...

Get Right Back to Where We Started From

Back to the "candidate of the future" and the job of the HR manager and recruiter, they should begin now to revamp their processes for recruiting, deploying, rewarding and growing entire social networks as their candidate of the future.

That's right. The candidate of the future may be a 20-person social network living in MySpace or SomeOtherSpace with thousands of users of their own who come along with them to do business with you.

Or they might not. Do business with you.

Have you thought about how to attract and engage social networks in your organization?

Do you know that, actually, they'll be evaluating YOU?

Do you know how you'll compensate them?

Have you thought about acquiring a social network?

Do you know that it's just as likely that they'll own you?

Am I high?

I don't think so.

It's not so different from what Gary and the rest of us were trying to do with BlogTank back in 2002--although perhaps a little ahead of our time.

If'n I Were God

If I were a CEO today, say, of a software company, I would absolutely already be bringing onto my team an entire social network of folks who have known one another and been collaborating online for the last 2-3 years. Yes, you heard me. I would bring the entire network onto my team and tap into their knowledge and fund them and reward them in keeping with the structure and values of the Network and its associates.

I would absolutely be investigating how to hire and inspire existing networks of extraordinary folks. Not one by one. AS THE NETWORK. Not just to develop software, but to tackle the whole of what's possible, especially online where these networks have coalesced and given birth to something meaningful.

Of course, you could still continue to bring talent into your organization one individual at a time, spend the money it takes to ramp them up, orient them, train them, deal with reprimands and manager/employee tangles one by one.

OR you could get busy discovering how existing online social networks can accomplish what your organization can't--and in a quarter of the time.

Or, I might be crazy. We'll see. Bookmark the post.

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May 09, 2006

Meet My Dad

He's lived here for 37 years.
That road by the pond, that's where I park.

Okay, how about I pay YOU.

So, this went over like a bag of pork rinds at a slaughter house. How about I pay YOU $200 for a week's usage of your media map (media source) login. I am you, for one week, $200. Make sure yours is a firm where you legally can allow me in for a week, probably just a few hours a day, because the last thing I need are the Omnicom Lawyers paying a visit. kay? thanks--that'd be cool.

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May 08, 2006

Extreme Makeover--New Age Edition.




bonus audio link over at listics.

i don't get share your opml.

It's another list of lists, right? ID-ing the biggest hunters and gatherers and graduates of Evelyn Woods' Speed Feeding Course? I dunno. I don't get it. 

Bonus Observation: Wow, I was surprised by how many of the tech-biz gurus already using SYOPML subscribe to this feed. NOT.

It's really interesting how this list looks so much like this list. NOT.

So far the exercise looks like 90-percent outing, 10 percent useful to me, or maybe the outing will be the useful part.

Hellooo, ello, ello, ello, ello....

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The Extended Enterprize Want Ad

I am looking to extend my enterprise to four interested PR/marketing independent partners with similar interests to create a loosely-joined organization whose express purpose and mission is to purchase and share a single license to bacon's media map (sorry, media source).

Interested partners must like long walks in the park, getting caught in the rain, some body hair, and using paypal.

A media source license costs $3280. Divided by four that's $820. Members of our organization will have access to a shared username and password for media source. We will timeshare that login, with specific chunks of time during the day/night assigned to each of us. If we decide to, we can rotate blocks each month. Requests for "special in" time during another partner's block will be considered. You can trade time blocks as long as both parties agree. Hell, you can do whatever you want as long as I get my 6 hour block each day. I'm making this up as I go along.

Now, if you create lists you don't want me to use, you tell me. Same as I'll tell you. If anyone abuses their access or the work of a partner, you get a warning. If the majority think you're a prick after two warnings, we'll change the UN and password without telling you and you're out.

Listen, with the right people this COULD be a collaborative venture, to actually leverage one another's work. But I think we should start it off by admitting: the motivation for our partnering is self-preservation.

Will consider between 3-6 partners. More than that and the username/password thing gets funky. Not good funky. Bad funky.

Is this legal? I don't have a clue. If we have to get a DBA to do it under a business called BaconsEgg&Cheese, then that's fine. If we have to share a personality and identity, I'm fine with that.

I'll tell you this, if it isn't legal, then Bacons better get its ass into every client's door, because this is JUST how the username and password is used in mid-size firms and some larger firms. One license, one seat, multiple folks logging on, never simultaneously.

It's like a pool membership. I have an only child. You have four kids. I ought to be able to bring three of my kid's friends for the same price as you bring your four kids.

SO what do you get for your $820? Part-time access to the tool of choice for media relations:

a continuously daily updated online database

the ability to build and store media lists - which we then automatically update

ability to search all 2006 edcals - never miss a story opportunity

ability to search by beat or by geography

ability to email 5,000 press release pages to reporters - go direct into the reporters inbox to get better coverage

3 months Internet news monitoring.

This is not my plan for retooling the industry. THAT's going to take a little more time. I'm simply offering a TEMPORARY solution to a nagging barrier-to-entry problem in the event that others are experiencing the same frustration.

Send inquiries to

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May 07, 2006

Top 100 "are there any women worth subscribing to" OPML Feeds Or Something

Boys Share OPML, Women Are from Venus.

or something like that. sobering to see how many subscribed to feeds represent writing from folks without vaginas. Or maybe writing from folks without readers. Randy has more.

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across? too many times beside,
it gets harder.

by day driftwood
etched and pocked by
time and motion
thick shaft splits into a Y
just so,
waves like fingers
take fistfulls of sand
carry them away from me.

by night i pace, anywhere
but standing still
i am the water's edge
on fire for the coming tide
if not you, then who
will wash me down.

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crazy reverb

...still moving my more obtuse stuff over to I'm only up to November 2002. I remember this one. Do you?


In a sky full of people only some want to fly
Isn’t that crazy
In a world full of people only some want to fly
Isn’t that crazy

What is it, what is it in love in choosing to love
that makes the stars fall down then bounce high
playing jacks with the moon bounce back up into night blue black
and you say to release grief you say unlocking grief is physical
and it is with the body we grieve and so with the body we love
and I say in choosing to love we get to that place
where there is only letting go letting up and receiving
like when my brother showed me how to catch a football
you see I was only six and he told me it is about not resisting
about letting your arms and body give in to a speeding bullet
letting it take you because resisting it burns your gut so bad
rips through you and flies past and hits the ground
but when you give he told me if you give into the ball
when it first touches your skin if you welcome it softly
let it move you that is how to catch a football and
isn’t that crazy isn’t that a little crazy
and ambiguity in love is like that
is a friend of mine is where I live now.

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what do you want us to write, we're business people!


And I'm not talking field of dreams.

If we like you, if we connect on that level, then we meet in the marketplace, maybe.

--me, 2003

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It's true, blogging does take the weekend off.

there is shittity shit to read this among the social sphere online this weekend, and there!

So I've insulted us all, self included, because we deserve it, and knowledge would approve. Remember when we were dying for the weekend because that pesky "workplace" wouldn't get in the way of our blogfrenzy? What up?

I've been through Bloglines, Technorati, my referrers, most of my blogroll, half of BubbleShare, most of Flickr, six-tenths of myspace, seventeen-twenty-seconds of second life, and I can find scant evidence of any goddam one saying any goddam thing that somebody  goddam else hasn't said before.

(i defer to amyloo, whose sherbet cone rocks the shpere, on usage)

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at writing, then, he is so very good

Brandon is.

Returning to back pockets. He asks so many questions about why I wasn’t happy. I don’t want that to be his impression. So I tiptoe through the halls, susurrate, reach the other end, and tell him about a trip we once took to Kansas. I sat in the back seat and watched the trees gradually disappear into a long, endless field. He leaned over the steering wheel so that she could tickle his back. They sang silly songs to make us laugh. When we reached Leavenworth, they took us to an old-style soda shop, and sat us on naugahyde bar stools.

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