November 26, 2005

got tickets see ya lata

Off to the Theater in the Square tonight to see George-who-still-wants-to-blog-but-somehow-never-finds-the-time doing bass duty in the musical, The 1940s radio show. He'll be doing the show from now until the end of December every night except for tues and weds. Wave to the brown guy with the long locks if you go.

I'll report back on how someone who looks like my husband made out in the 1940s....

OH WAIT--it's a radio show!

And, there was Lionel Hampton...

Catcha later!

crawled out from under the dining room table

HI! so that was fun! Hope your thanksgiving was merry, or thankful or something.

I need to know something about comments here. Okay, right now I have blogger's 'let anyone comment' feature selected. I'm assuming that means that, like me, to comment on this blog you just wite your little witty nugget and excrete it into my comment box AFTER typing in the cryptic code designed to fend off spam bots. Right?

But spammers still come. Those bastads. So, about a week ago I selected the other feature in Blogger that lets you only let registered users comment. But I noticed not so many people commented. So I changed it back to open.

SO, when I had the 'registered users' option selected a week or so back, did that mean that the only folks who could leave comments were those who have registered with blogger? Does that turn you off as a reader, commentor, trouble maker, or passerby? I know that I for one like to be able to leave comments without jumping through hoops, and truth be known, I will generally shut up rather than be bothered registering to comment someplace. Unless I really heart the blog.

To make things a little more interesting (read: confusing), Blogger has recently added 'moderated comments' to our plethora of conversation-continuing options, which is very cool. I think most businesses should use moderated comments and that they should respond quickly to accept all comments but spam.

But again, as a blog READER, it bums me out to make such a witty statement as I may make over at someone's blog but then not see my wit (or something that rhymes with wit) come to fruition for a while. So I don't know whether to try the moderated comments. Do you like moderated comments? Would it piss you off and make you go away if I tried them?

Because I do have abandonment issues.

As if you may have missed that along the way.

And we're not done yet: Blogger's OTHER commenting option is to let only a designated 'team' comment on the blog. I'm sure that's handy somewhere along the line, although I can't think of one single reason that any pubic blog should exclude everyone but a select group from commenting. For that reason, this option is out for my blog.

Which leaves me with a question: What kind of comments work best for you, o great and powerful readers?

  1. The all-open (sprinkled [potentially littered] with spam) option
  2. The registered-people-can-comment option
  3. The moderated-comments option
  4. The really-stupid-team-commenting option
  5. None of the above - yer blog sux.
  6. All of the above - it's all about you, J.

Thank you for voting.

November 23, 2005


Have you ever been into one of these places? Have you ever been shopping in Atlanta during the holidays? If you can say "no" to both of the above questions, your life will be all the more peaceful for it. Holy Heck, as Halley would say, in between writing steamy sex scenes and such, this place BrandsMart or BrandSmart or whatever you want to capitalize is in-sane. I mean excess and more and stuff and then some and everything and more and what you want and what you need and what you might need and what you'd never need but would be nice ALL under one roof. washersdryerstvsphonesrecordersdvdscamerascds
surroundsoundwatercoolers--i mean everything. Add in a thousand hurried shoppers and two sales associates and you get the picture.

and i get the picture too because i bought myself a digital camera. shhhh. i got caught up in the moment.


i bought myself a digital camera (i really shouldn't have).

more soon...

Pope Says Recovered or Passive Gays Okay for Priesthood

Looking for a new career? If you're a would-be catholic priest, you better steer clear of the new pope unless you've been clean and sober, homosexually speaking, for at least 3 years.

I believe that's the platinum chip.

"If instead it is a case of homosexual tendencies that are merely the expression of a transitory problem, for example as in the case of an unfinished adolescence, they must however have been clearly overcome for at least three years before ordination as a deacon."

The pope also announced that anyone born gay would be slaughtered like the fatted before sundown tomorrow.

In other news, the Bruce Willis of popes, Benedict XVI, has gotten a firm grip on those pesky friars, known for their peace marches and other madness.

Vittorio Messori, a conservative Catholic commentator, told The Independent the 1986 conference was marked by excesses, including allowing African and Indian rituals.

OH NO, not African Rituals. The excess of it! Hold your babies tight. Under the reign of Ratzi, Interreligious gatherings are now a no-no too.

Doesn't this guy have, like, some praying to do to keep him busy?

Atlanta Bloggers...

Raise Your!

If you're an Atlanta area blogger or want to write about local Atlanta topics -- from soup to nuts and then some -- check out Blood-and-sweat child of longtime journalist, Atlanta resident, and Corante columnist, Dana Blankenhorn, is an Atlanta community blog with a pretty neat blog engine AND other tools that are being tailored for writers. If you sign on, you'll see what I mean. Like half of Web 2.0, this site is in BETA and Dana REALLY wants to hear from Atlanta bloggers on what you think--stuff you like and stuff they can make better.

Atlantans are opinionated by nature -- after all every day here is a motherfucking opening day -- so sign in and add a Personal Blog Entry of your own. It’s easy to keep track of your new posts. During the beta testing, all your entries will flow automatically to the top of the main page.

I like the various ways you can enter a post. The blog engine has some pretty powerful word processor-like features, OR you can go with plain text or straight HTML. I copied a couple of posts out of Blogger's compose window and they went across great--including ready-made pictures and links.

You can email Dana with questions.

Oh to be young and in love and....

...pissed off at each other? Ponzi and Chris Pirillo go at it on vacation. And not in a good way.

Are they warming up for SXSW? Honest couples blogging?

Or is this for real, and is there an actual living human being who sets up two flat screen monitors in Hawaii and complains about the heat?

November 22, 2005

not the time to be in a blog funk

what with turkey hormonal anesthetization right around the corner, I'm feeling like there's nothing to read on the blogs these days. Oh sure, I've got my aggregator full of feeds from him and her and them, but I'm so used to them I think that I could post for them now.

Is anyone still "just starting out" in blogging? Where do we find the newbies--where are the new people who I don't know about--how do I find them: the ones who aren't writing ABOUT stuff but are writing stuff. More more. Leave me some links in comments.

First holiday off in a long time

It looks like I might actually have NO work to do on Thanksgiving.

I'm nearly anxious with excitement.

I'm not counting blogging in this no-work decree, because blogging is blogging even when it feels like work. I mean no client work, no business work, no DEADLINES. These last three years have been DEADLINE driven, well hell the last 23 years have been, oh well why not count college too and little miss summa 4.0's work ethic...

Well, now that I'm back out on my own I've decided I'm going to do it differently this time, take on two or three projects I care about, and downstream/outstream the rest to folks in my knowledge network, which includes and is mostly made up of bloggers.

I thought that was what I was going to be able to do in my last venture--outstream to bloggers. It didn't work out that way. And what I'm telling you has little or nothing to do with deadlines but everything to do with DEAD LINES because blogging is neither dead NOR linear, so how much easier deadlines will be to meet with the resources of the LIVE WEB!!!!!

oh i can't wait!

Some things I wish I would have seen the first time around...

Like The Niggar Family by Dave Chappelle.....

oh that comic genius...and so well spoken!

That's not a SNAIL, That's Thanksgiving Dinner!

Holy Crap!

Is that a snail in your pocket or are you......

November 21, 2005

Thinking about adoption?

It's national adoption month. Thinking about the pitter patter of little feet? Big feet? Excellent! Got some good links for you.

When the net goes zzzzzzzz

When there's not much to interest me in my wanderings through RSS feeds (yawn) and technorati blog finder fuel (zzzz) late at night, I usually think up a couple of words, throw them in Google, and then look at the images associated with those words.

I find wonderful things that way. It's the last best unexpected place around.

So tonight I was thinking about being tired and that old phrase 'rest assured' came to mind, and so i put that in google and clicked images and I found the most delicious (no tags intended) looking bed, people!!!

From a site called online beds, comes the Rest Assured Pocket Spring 1200 Venice Ortho.

HELLO JETHRO granny's sleepin tonight!

Look at that puppy, will ya.

I look at beds and bedding like some people look at cars. You tell me stuff like Luxury damask fabric, Heavy duty springs, Sumptuous cotton and super soft polyester mattress fillings, Felt tufts and I'm nearly in tears. And when it comes to Rest Assured, I'm gathering that the Jubilee is the Roles Royce of the line.

I love beds. I love bedding, comforters, quilts, throws, pillows, cotton, duvet covers, dust ruffles, I AM A LINEN FREAK.

And google reminded me that it's okay. I feel better now. No really, rest assured, I'm fine.

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!!

For the wonderful lady who does so much for the rest of us blogknownots, a lady indeed, Happy Birthday Meg!!!! Peace, you.

Weighing In...

November 20, 2005

Chris Rabb Raps on Race & the Blogosphere

Hadn't heard this before. It's interesting listening. It's from I don't know when--I think earlier this month when Chris Rabb was on Tavis Smiley's show.

Chris needs to tell Tavis to get blogging. May? Huffington? Naw.

Introducing Blackster(TM)

Are you a conference planner who has trouble ensuring the right percentage of diversity at your events? Are you a pomo-web-2.0 company looking to get your groove on with that untapped demographic of color? Planning a blog meetup in your town and embarassed by that last showing of all grey-and-balding-50-something white guys with the stains on their ties?

Then Blackster's for YOU.

It's a social network, an online equalizer, and an RSS feed all at once! With Blackster, you find out how 'in' you are by how dark you link.

You may be Linked In, but are you sharing your link love with bloggers of all hues? Can you prove it the next time you get called on the carpet? Or will you try to be wiley like Tim O'Reilly?

Blackster is THE proven 'great equalizer' for the Web--and the protection you need from the bad PR of online brophobia.

AND for a limited time, if you purchase Blackster for $99.99, you get Blackster Desktop, which tailors your user experience to make you as diverse as you wanna be.

  • Generates starter emails tailored to the darker side of your Outlook contact database.
  • Launches Real Player pre-loaded with today's hottest Rap hits.
  • Integrates seven free pre-loaded Blackster Registration Lists to ensure that your next conference meets minimum diversity standards (MDS)
  • Integrates seamlessly with to populate your blogroll with blogging's HOT new melanin-enhanced talent.


  • BLACKSTER ALERTS notify you via email, pager, or SMS when your diversity quotient drops below 20% so that you can take immediate action to do what's right, not white.
  • This month only--get tips on how to get the Internet's most popular blog brothers to add you to their blogrolls without dropping $20 on Miss Clairol Mod Blonde hair color.
Investors interested in our transaction-based business model (transition to subscription / advertising model planned in 2006), please inquire with this blog's author.

BLACKSTER - 'cause once you blog black you never go back.

When Zach Braff Gets a Pool Room.....

He'll have this really cool light show thing going on.

Next Week Goals

Spend more time reading blogs than I do posting (last week it was about equal--i think a ratio of 3/4 reading to 1/4 writing is good).

Spend more time with Jenna since the kids are once again out of school for a week.


Try not to shop.

Maybe shop a little.

Lock up the debit card.

Clean this fricking house.

Feed the hamsters.

Change the hamsters.

MAKE Jenna clean her room.

Make clients oh-so happy.


Clean my frigging car.

Email four friends.

Await a package from India.


Pray more.

.....your turn.