March 01, 2007


Go Margaret, GO!

Tomorrow morning at 10 Eastern, 9 Central, Margaret begins the oral defense of her doctoral exams. Any candle-lighting, prayer-offering, incense-burning, or whatever that you've been doing for her reaches its urgent peak for the hour or two after that.

Disaster Preparedness - No 40 Acres and No Mule

we're still under a tornado watch.

In November 1992, Melvin Bishop's farm in Georgia suffered severe damage from a tornado. After the storm, Bishop went to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to apply for disaster relief, an emergency loan, and an operating loan. For the next seven months, the local USDA office gave him the runaround. Finally, in May 1993, Bishop not only was denied the disaster relief he qualified for, he was also denied both loans. No reasons were given. Bishop, who is African-American, called his experience with the USDA "even more devastating than the tornado."


In 1865, the US Congress approved the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery and, soon thereafter, passed the Freedmen's Bureau Act, which leased 40 acres of abandoned or confiscated Southern land to "every male citizen, whether refugee or freedman."

Unfortunately, these plans for the redistribution of Southern lands were never carried out. After the war, President Andrew Johnson returned the land to white aristocrats, ensuring the persistence of the South's semi-feudal economic order.

In 1920, nearly one million African-American farmers owned 14 percent of all US farms. By 1950, Black land ownership had declined to 12 million acres, and in 1969 it was down to 5.5 million acres -- a drop of 54 percent in just 20 years. Between 1982 and 1992, the number of black farmers in the US fell 43 percent -- from 33,250 to 18,816.

In 1990, African Americans made up roughly one percent of the nation's farmers and were disappearing at a rate almost five times greater than whites. In 1999, fewer than 18,000 out of 1.9 million US farmers were African Americans, and these farmers owned less than 1 million acres. A 1990 Congressional report warned that black farms were on the verge of extinction. It is now feared that, by the end of 2000, there may be no black-owned land in America.


time for a checkup.

They Called the Wind Maria

We're under tornado watch.

"During the evening of April 5, 1936, Tupelo, Mississippi took a glancing blow from an F5 tornado. Although the storm missed the downtown area it still took more than 216 lives and left over 700 people injured. Property loss from the strike is estimated at 3 million dollars. Since African-Americans were not included in either dead or injured totals, the toll in human lives was probably significantly higher. Still, by itself, this tornado ranks as the fourth most destructive storm based on the number of dead."

OMG, there's a SWITCH?

So, I've had this Acer that I love for like two years now. One day about two weeks ago, it stops finding the wireless network. In fact, it stops finding ANY wireless network anywhere. So I assume my wireless network card (wouldn't know one if i tripped over one in the street) is hosed, and I go back to my cat-5 cable connection to DSL, which renders me wired. JUST after I'd broken my bad habit of working in the bedroom, or more specifically, bed.

So today I'm scrolling through help files on Windows and I see this line, "make sure your wireless switch is turned on," and I'm thinking, what kind of stupid computers have a wireless switch, I mean, how goofy, why would you want a physical switch to turn wireless on or off, me, having lived a limited wireless life of only about 8 months.

Answer: My stupid computer, that's what kind! ALL THIS TIME, the wireless switch that I didn't know existed on the side of my laptop had somehow gotten turned off. I stared at it dumbfounded, slid the lever over to on, and LOOK AT ME! I'm de-wired!

Proving once again that web 2.0 brains must remain backward compatible.

all about guitar

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February 27, 2007

Mo Math

never been good with vizuals, butt...

thank you, one brilliant blog.

You Should Have Unprotected Sex with My Blogroll Right Now!!!

It is THAT clean, and I mean clean.

I have validated, deleted, edited, moved and sanitized my blogroll to a degree that makes me deserving of some kind of medal. Bestow one on me, QUICKLY.

"The Gold Medal of Safely Screwable Blogrolls"

I am honored.

Go ahead, click through those links on my blogroll. If you find a broken link, or a link of someone whose blog has moved and I missed changing it, you get a $10 amazon gift certificate.


I mean, I had to change half of the blogs on my blogroll to new addresses. Now the OPMLey among you would say, "there is a better way," but I think everyone should have to scrub down their blogroll once a month. These aggregators are like factory farming -- hamburger without the bloodletting. Well, I like a good burger, but there is nothing wrong with tending a garden as well.

Now, if you are as full of metaphors as I am, I will excuse you and let you go have sex with my blogroll.

ENJOY -- oh, and leave me comments with links to more cool diverse voices to add to my newly screwable blogroll.

February 26, 2007


recover me recovery
i want to be recovered
so far I slipped away
good intention, an intervention
- how about some attention?
what would it take...

heal me sweet healer
i want to be healed
lay hands on me and pray
incantation, expectation
- how about an explanation?
what would it take...

you can't stand, you can't lie
truth to flame, your alibi
tell them what they want to hear
bring me inside
take me outside

remember me remember
i want to be remembered
shadow face to grey
Resurrection, inspection
- how about my reflection?
what would it take

surrender me surrendered
i want to be surrendered
shackles fall away
submission, permission
- what's your suspicion?

if i can't stand you can't lie
truth to flame, my alibi
tell me what I want to hear
bring me inside.
take me outside

continuing the blogroll updates

I'm up to M. Dang, this is a LOT of work. No wonder a lot of people don't do blogrolls anymore.


we should have to do this shit. you wouldn't believe all the cool stuff i found. you don't find this stuff by one clicking thru aggrevators. i don't care

what you say!

hi paige old friend!!

one note to the blog brand people - there is a glut of "M" names. name your blog something other than money monkey minds.

go for opiesmell or something.

just thinking

off to N and other letters.

for what it's worth... the Y tonite i walked a mile, bicycled another half mile and lifted a bunch of weights.

and i'm going back in the morning.

in fact this is my third week of being totally serious about getting healthier, after my third month of being fairly serious about getting healthier, after a year of really thinking seriously about my health, after a decade of wondering how I got so unhealthy, after two decades of not playing football, spud, kick-the-can and riding my horse every waking moment.

life happens.

Just so that you, my dear readers, are fully informed, if this hard work doesn't make a difference, I'm going to buy a large and comfortable couch, glue my broad ass to it, bring with me 17 cartons of American Spirit cigarettes and a cordless phone to order out for food, and proceed to smoke WHILE eating new york style pizza, garlic pasta, and reeses pieces every day, all day, until i die.

so, you know, if you wanna toss a couple prayers my way, it couldn't hurt.

i was thinking that if they can't figure out what to do with anna nichole smith's body...

they should just give it to frank.

Business Process Management

jenna the book club is coming over to pole dance tonite...

Someone feel free to clue me in, 'cause i think i'd rather be blogging. For now, i'll stick with shaklee.

hat tip to shallow and tacky.

stepping out...

In case anyone's playing the 'where's jeneane?' homegame (which means you should probably play the lotto instead so you can win cash to take a trip somewhere interesting), I wanted to update you: I decided to leave the Media 2.0 Workgroup because I think stepping away from it is the right thing for me to do. I wish my fellow mediaites well, and will be following along as a reader.

back to our regular programming.

DRM, Digital ID, CC, Copyright & Other Claims

Tom plants his flag in "coincident negation".

(oh sure, he made it up. that's why i remember using that phrase back in my University of Buffalo daze. get yer trademark on tom. i'm hiring howell to kick your ass.)

O, Wait! teensypedia says there's a blog already. ok, teensypedia doesn't lie. i conceed. tom wins.

"Go little phrase, make your way in the world - no matter who seeks to lay claim to your lovely form, you shall know that herein lies your instauration (langue), your instantiation in the speech (parole) of living men, unto which thereby will forever hang your justification. ~ Ta!" ~

Tom, I celebrate with you.

February 25, 2007

good on you and congrats.

jennifer hudson thanks jennifer holiday. as it should be.

a headline that made me fall off my bike, crack my head open, drip sticky-gross blood, and feel good about it.

betsy, you gotta be kiddin' me.

A-J blogroll list validated. K-Z plus additions to go. humbling. do it.

baldur, why no writing since may of last year?

where the H. did go?

shefalterstorise - you should not go away.

OMG! I wanna Rhinovirus too! - jeneane sessum, 4430 wade green road, suite 180 - #176, kennesaw, ga 30144. (Note: Substitution of epstein barr or other viruses okay).

J Mays, are you gone for good or coming back? I jus couldn deletcha.