April 03, 2007

Blogging Apocalypse

Lions are laying down with lambs all across the Internet, and leaving their guns at home. The net never sits still. The follow-up story is always already writing itself.

As long as everyone's able to leave their yard now...

[[This post has helpful insertions to provide context and avoid misunderstandings -- in other words, I would hate for the blogworld to have to think too hard.]]

Well, I'm over the 11,000 mark for Google search results on my name and death threats.

And, this evening we have a goodly and rising tally of 448 for my name and hate speech.

[[fact and references added as hyperlinks]]

Isn't that interesting. Seems like something that might just piss you off if you weren't such the politically savvy marketing blogger and chariman of women's good will that I am proported to be...

[[insert tongue-in-cheek tag]]

Say, if you had been on the receiving end of hate speech online and didn't call a committee to lay blame and shoot the band before they could fire their first drummer.

[[uncomfortable rim shot]]

Try being a race mixer in the south, 21 years of marriage and a beige baby. Then talk to me about yards and safety and hate speech.

[[note self-empowerment through use of race-mixer term]]

And tell me if it would make you a little perturbed, if, say you never even mentioned somebody outside of your own blog, and there they were in the press saying you been doing bad things on another blog you didn't care much about, hardly read, only laughed once inappropriately about that Oprah thing, be4 the nasty words.

[[sad emoticon, chuckling emoticon, confused emoticon]]

You know what Johnny Carson used to say: "Women, they don't forget. Memories as long as Google. Boys, you can count on it." Or maybe that was me.

[[intentionally profound]]

What card is that again? I'm losing count. Race card, illness card, woman card, victim card... Doctor, lawyer, justice of the goddam peace, where are you? Gag me, hang me, shoot me. I still come knockin' on the front door of your cult to say "HI! Do you love me yet?"

[[metaphorically speaking]]

Do you want to talk about mean?

Would someone like to talk to me about mean?

[[rhetorical questions]]

About women silencing woman? About PTSD triggers, about who it's convenient to hang our hangups on? Sucks to have to go back to the source. Hurts back there. Baby, don't I know it. But we gotta go. Pull that barb out at the root--that's the only way to get through it.

[[trauma psychology -- look it up]]

Might make you think there's more to the story. Makes me think. Makes me think about being bullied into cliques I'm not hip to. Makes me make you, and you are made, understand, I never signed on to your story, but I'm there now.

[[so to speak]]

You coulda hired somebody else.

[[I mean, really.]]

April 02, 2007

a platform for further discussion.

I was looking forward to seeing what unfolded when Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke spoke together with CNN. Obviously, CNN went with the simple angle -- the cute kitty vs rageboy. jesus. reductionist reporting--even worse than what I've seen across the web this last week.

Fortunately, Chris and Kathy did make coordinated statements that offer a starting point for real discussion. If I have any regret around what has unfolded here, it is that I have not been able to write about these issues. I was silenced early on by repeated threats of legal and police action for something I did not do. I've barely felt well enough to get my real work done, let alone work up sufficient outrage over being asked to appologize for my choice in friends, which, for the record, I do not.

I'll write more about the issues that touched me personally in all of this when appropriate. For now, please return to the stars of the show.


April 01, 2007

3D fun++

Has anyone had their gallbladder out along with an ovary during the same procedure? If so, drop me an email or leave me a comment. I would appreciate if I could ask you a few questions.

I actually did something fun today for the first time in a long time--took Jenna to the 3-D Meet the Robinsons movie. I didn't realize until the ticket clerk stuffed the glasses under the bullet-proof glass that I had never seen a 3D movie before. These were no blue-and-read cardboard gasses. These were like real glasses.

The girls squeeled every time some robot part or space ship flew at us, and I found myself leaning left and right more than a few times. Seeing a horror flick in 3D I think could really kill someone. Or at least seriously trigger your PTSD. The gap in time between hands grabbing your neck and the reasoning power that would tell you "this is not real" is too tightly compressed. And the physical ducking to get out of the way evokes some eerie body memories.

I'll stick with G rated and leave the gasses in my purse.


the in betweens

wonderful post.

At most points in our lives, we are probably somewhere in the "in between." We can remember what it feels like to be in the difficult place and we can imagine ourselves free of hardship. Yet, in order to become emotionally and spiritually free of these burdens, we must go through the "in between"- a place of struggle, confusion, growth, potential and healing.


As I was heard to have said last week...

"The only problem with the Net is that it can't shut its mouth for five seconds."


Some Kind of Shit

AKMA warns of bags and dog poo and a bacteria no one wants named after them. April Fools? Sounds too believable.
Further analysis revealed that among the samples in the test, not only were there the expected black poopons and white poopons, but a third and rarer bacterium with some characteristics of each. This third sort of contaminant has a tighter structure that enables it to pass through the thinner plastic bags that some dog owners use — the bag that protects the Sunday New York Times, for instance, or fresh produce bags, especially the semi-porous green bags often used at up-market organic grocers.

Moral of the story: Use Teflon.


women's best friend

There is no faster way to silence a man than to publicly put into question the genuineness of his respect for women. At some level, the unspoken threat of voice castration makes the men who continue to write personally about women online braver and more vulnerable than the subjects of their words.

The tragedy is that many men opt for silence rather than risk the de-balling. I can't blame them. The treasure is that some of them keep writing anyway.

In comments I was reminded about one treasure who continues writing, whose words touch women in nearly every post. Thanks, Shakespierce.

From Tony Pierce...
....its hard to be intimidated by a waitress chick at dennys in LA, but i noticed that there were two types of girls who id end up asking out more than once. one were the girls who made me feel super cool and handsome.

but unfortunately the ones i ended up liking the most were the ones who made me nervous and made me feel ugly and disgusting. maybe its because i know im pretty damn disgusting.

also, i like being nice, and the girls who made me feel gross usually ended up on the nicer dates. whereas the sweet librarian types usually got their hair pulled harder and far more kinkier things ending up in their mouth and asshole than the other girls.

ive also been known to whisper some pretty foul things in the ears of shocked lass. but theyre always creative. and some are even possible.

the other night i had this girl tied up real good, face down because she was bad, i forget what she had done. oh yes, she had forgotten her plaid skirt. whore. and everything was going fine and she was still tied up and i was all is everything ok over there, and i lit a cigarette for her and she said yea and i put the cigarrette in her mouth because her arms were still tied to the bedpost you see.

and i said what do you wanna do next and she said tony i will do anything with you.

and if that doesnt make you feel like a handsome devil with a footlong cock then youre in deep trouble.

so i blew out the torch and got her worked up and she was a loud one which usually distracts me but ive been working on it. and i was whispering some shit and she was saying yes to everything and moaning and yelling and i whispered im gonna call your sister and let her hear you moan and she said please dont but she moaned it confusing me, which isnt to say i wasnt a bit worked up too, and we had drunken all that straight rum and something was smoked

and i was all, ok does she really not want me to dip into her purse and grab the phone and... or what? and i said im gonna put this phone in a very bad place and then call it with my phone and she said mmmmm and i said then im gonna sell it on ebay and she said mmmmm and i said and im gonna sell the video ive been making of this whole thing and she said mmmmm and i wondered if she heard me so i said and i will sell the dvd of what we just did for an hour and she said mmmmm and i realized that her phone had been on vibrate the whole time

and youd never guess when youre little who you wouldnt call back when youre older.