February 16, 2002

and while you're there....

Radical Suzuki would like you to check out this little number (click the next buttons to work your way through). tee hee.

Funky Radical World

I don't know if you've seen this, and heck for all I know it could be a meme past, but I'm on google searching up "radical" - yeh I admit it. How I got there, I forget, but it started with searching up pnemonia (which I spelled wrong and still think I'm spelling wrong), which led me to any number of frightening lung disease sites, from which I surfed unhindered into therapies and philosophies until I somehow got to "radical," where I found my jewel: Funky Radical World and if you've already been, then shut up and let the others enjoy it. Click around for a journey of wierd images and only sometimes English text.

Some renderings follow:


and, consider this--could I have put it better myself? No.

Angelic nudes wink bashfully as you gaze upon their exquisiteness.
Stylin' ladies show you what they've got on the dance floor.
This is the peach-fuzz fizzy delicious world of Radical Suzuki.
Step into the Funky Radical World!

happy saturday.

Heh + Heh

Dean Landsman has a good Lay cartoon and commentary in his DeanLand blog. He also emailed me some good song ideas for that string of Enron "I Plead the Fifth" copouts that I'm hoping someone will turn into a catchy little medley. Dean suggests:

"Take The Money and Run" (Steve Miller Band)
"Money" (Pink Floyd)
Cheney and Bush are probably singing a Police song when they think about their buddies at Enron, "Don't Stand So Close To Me."

Of course it is all the Texas Two Step, isn't it?

Yes, Dean, I think it is. I hear that's how b'ness is done down in Texas.

February 15, 2002

Thanks Denise

for pointing to Sir David W. who does a great solo off Pirillo's Blogger Manifesto. We are hoping Sir David links to us. At some point again. For something we may say or have once said.

RageBoy's blogging again!

sick and tired

yes, that I am. Coming off steroids, antibiotics, and still sick as a dawg. But I've started reading blogs again, and the doc says that's a good sign indeed.

How fun would this be? Anyone going? I am hoping there will be some stuff for kids to do--I know Vegas ain't a particular kid-friendly place, but we'd have to come with babyblogger in tow, and after all, she is a babyblogger. If kids are welcome, I really think we'd try to do it. How fricking cool would that be. If you register your possible inclination to maybe perhaps attend, you get to see the others who've registered. Leave it to the cool cats a blogger.

I am up to nothing else right now, except waiting for master husband to return with pizza.


February 13, 2002

I plead the fifth

Could someone string together all those Enron "I'll have to take the fifth amendmant" answers into a string and set it to music, like the Balmer "monkey boy" video? might draw quite a crowd, as memes go. I'm lame at this web stuff or I'd do it myself. What songs might we use:

You dropped the bomb on me
Another one bites the dust
Take this job and shove it

or maybe...

A simple question makes you look away
Your hesitation gives it all away
There's some protection in the way you move
If there's sadness in my eyes
It's coming from your lies

Hey little liar I believed in you
Hey little liar I believed in you
Hey little liar I believed in you
I believed in you
--Little Liar (joan jett)

Others guys??

the web site you never hope to start

I'm not sure what I think happened to this little girl, but the web site they've launched since her disappearence on 02/02 is a marketing marvel:

"Pat & Oscar's in Carmel Mountain Ranch
Will donate 15% of the cost of your meal to the
Danielle Search Effort
If you bring in a Pat & Oscar's Flyer"

...still developing. In the mean time, let's all keep our eyes open.

"With others if we must; by ourselves if possible"

Why do I still wish he would have won? Maybe because he's smarter:

"The evil we now confront is not just the one-time creation of a charismatic leader and his cohorts, or even a handful of regimes. What we deal with now is today's manifestation of an anger welling up from deep layers of grievance shared by many millions of people."

Can I have a recount?

February 10, 2002

The Blogger's Manifesto

Chris Pirillo has constructed his own Blogger's Manifesto (gee, that word's re-cropping up all over isn't it--thanks cluetrain guys), a list of 25 principles Pirillo blogs by. My favs on his list are:

8. You don't have to agree with everything I say.
9. I egosurf Daypop, Google, and Blogdex nightly.
10. I share what I want to share.

Nicely done, Chris. I want to think on this and maybe come up with a few of my own. Why don't you, too, fellow bloggers? Let's shoot for, oh, I don't know, 95?

Gary Turner Personifies Voice

Gary reads aloud his blog on voice today, as we all learn what he "sounds" like. I'm not sure if I can weave the scottish accent into my head as I read him from now on, but I definitely have incorporated the tenor and cadence of Gary's impressive spoken voice into my reading. See what the guy had to resort to when no one called him? THANKS gary!