June 23, 2006

DocerCon - Filtered Conference Going

The best way to attend BloggerCon far as I can see is to keep an eye on Doc-er-Con, a place where Doc will be publicly tracking his notes and observations at conference. I think this page should live on Doc's site rather than on Scripting.com, but what do I know? Or it should live on the BloggerCon.org site.

Interesting thing is that Dave as always is smart as a fox about creating liaisons for his ideas. Using Doc as a filter between what happens at bloggercon and those who will be remotely gathering information on what happens at bloggercon is brilliant. Doc is one of the smartest people online, and also the most likeable person online, bar none. He's funny, tack-smart and usually two steps ahead of the rest of us. SO, as the designated human filter for the bloggercon event, Doc will add some real value. I hope he gives his opinions along with letting us know what's said about what.

Bonus Link: PhoneCon 1876

     alexander graham winer, 1876

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Morning Mashup

Scattered smothered peppered topped and covered. That's what they call the kind of hash browns I like at the Waffle House. Smothered (with cheese), peppered (with jalapenos), topped (with mushrooms), and covered (with onions). HELLO! Either that or plain. All or nothing is the only way to eat Waffle House hashbrowns, which taste best when you're drunk, and I haven't been that in too many years to count.

Which is to say I'm picking out my go-to-court clothes now and getting Jenna to camp, so this has to be short. And this has nothing to do with hashbrowns, except for that's what I wish I had for breakfast instead of dog biscuits and old lunch meat.

Note to self: grocery shopt this weekend.

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June 22, 2006

divorce court

Tomorrow I get the unfortunate displeasure of appearing as a witness in my friend's divorce trial. I say displeasure because I don't like courts, I don't like swearing on Bibles, and I don't like driving in 103-degree smog when I've got a bucketload of work waiting for me on the other side.

And yet, it has to be done because that's the law and that's what you do when you have information to share and a friend's in court. I guess.

Well, it could be worse:

BMO's got the Saget

snicker snicker hee hee. he found some gems. my god one of us has to figure out how to turn off the autoplay on Urban Mix embedded videos, OR, you are ordered drop some powerful potions and go to BMO's main page where you will delight in today's hippest hop played simultaneously. yeeeeaaah boy!

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102 in the shade

it was freakin HOT today. I mean deep south pavement bubbling atlanta hot. Triple digit hot. 102 in the shade at the bank. so hot makes you feel like robbin' one just to get shot.

mean time we had a seven-piece band up in here playing some R&B and funk, the AC not even close to keeping up with the power draw and human sweat and creative HEAT bubbling up from the studio downstairs, and finally i have the AC pushed down to 75 and the temp's reading 85 inside and climbing, and my head hurts.

that's why we drive air-conditioned cars in the south. because when all else fails, it takes a half hour to get anywhere in atlanta, minimum, so you take your bottle of water in the car, use your paypal debit card fresh with cash (thanks blogads) to fill the tank, and you go visit folks who don't have seven-piece bands blowing heat up the stairway where you're standing slicing up chicken and saying, "where's the modulation?" when the keyboard player messes with Stevie's Golden Lady.

i wonder what the walls of this house will tell people who live here after us. can you imagine?


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June 21, 2006

ovary, assult and battery

i'm thinking of the genesis song. never mind. so the doc things it's a cyst on the old ovary, which i've had lots of times, but not so painful. next week an ultrasound and we'll see if he's right-o. got darvocet. if i were a drug manufacturer, every drug i made would be the same color, and that color would resembe the pink of darvocet. mmmmmmmmmmm.

i'm slammed with work. i need a trustworthy virtual intern. except i'm so swamped i think i might sound like this:

Hi intern!

Hi Jeneane!


Hello--is there something I can do now? can you tell me stuff? something I can help out on?

Hi! Will you sit next to me virtual intern?

Well, okay i guess.

Hi! I just want to know you are there. That's all.

Oh, okay, well do you want to talk about youtube now? Myspace? Blogs? PR? Marketing? Social Marketing? What?

Hi! Look at you!

And what kind of thing is that to do to an impressionable, enthusiastic young person who has yet to experience cosmic burnout, cescarian sections, emergency myomectomies, OR ovarian cysts?

So you see, I'm just not ready.

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OMG my hometown

errr... a parody if you will. ROTFLMAO. or maybe CMAO.

exploration of youtube still in progress

John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones

My Mood: doctor tomorrow.

June 20, 2006

Buddy On the Bus

George and I first got the tape of Buddy's famous rants at his band, it was back in the day, back when the tape was fresh off the bus. It was the mid-80s if I remember right. I remember sitting at my Mac 512K-E transcribing every word.

I made a full transcript. Listening now, I know it by heart. We even made a dance mix of our own. I only wish I still had all that. Makes Ballmer look sane.

We still quote from the Buddy tapes at least once a week.

Go have a listen--let me know how he compares to your boss. ;-)

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Gimme the 411 on the RX

Doctor, my eyes
Tell me what you see
I hear their cries
Just say if its too late for me

Doctor, my eyes
Cannot see the sky
Is this the prize
for having learned how not to cry

jackson browne

I've been in pain for about a week.

guess that's why the writing has slowed down. figured I'd say something. first i figured i'd just wait and see and then say something. but it's gotten annoying for you i'm sure. never mind for me.

so, i got a doc's appt on wednesday. could be an ovary thing, could be a bladder thing, could be a lot o things, but it's lower right, deep lower, and it hurts like a mofo a lot of the time. Then sometimes it doesn't. But when it does, youch!  i mostly walked hunched over. no speed bumps if you please.

since i hit 44 i've been in pain mostly every day. i never thought it'd be me eating motrin every day. lots of better drugs I can think to eat. in fact, right now, with that lower lower right jabbing cramping thing, i wish i had some better drugs.

i got a blog. sort of like a drug. okay not so much.

writing is hard, so i save my 'abilities' for the client work that's due. overdue. damn. i need a staff.

bladder, bowel
toss in the towel.

i mean i have to focus the precious energy where it makes sense, or something.

and i'm thinking: i hope it's nothing bad, but that's old training, and mostly every day i still wake up and say about life: i hope it's nothing bad.

but i let other hues color my day, violet is nice and sometimes bright turquoise.

last night i did not have a fever, but my blood pressure was soaring. i think the pain.

george brings me ice and water and ibuprofen. he's the bomb.

jenna brought me a pack of frozen hot dogs: "here mom--this is for your side. sorry, i couldn't find ice."

chicken franks?

okay. you know what, they worked great. no sharp edges. she's so smart my kid. so cool. just right for tucking.

feeling old this last week or so because of the pain. reminds me i have miles to go before i sleep.

anyway, i'm going to go prop myself up and sleep and hope tomorrow i can be very productive then get ready for wednesday morn & the doc.

anyone had that kind of pain in the lower lower right groin/ovary/whatever area that stops the world down there, AND lived through it, please drop a comment.

okay, back to youtube, where you can be sick and still have a good time without lifting a finger.

oh and we got a new fence today so at least i don't have to limp after the dogs and george is like YES!

Bonus Discomfort: brandon went to the ER with pain. hope you're ok brandon.

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June 19, 2006

Top of the Plaza Buddy Rich Video, Rochester, NY

...with my brother in attendance.

Buddy (off the bus)

someone wake me...

...when it's time for body transplants.

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This is what I'm talking about...

The man worries me. Inspires me, but worries me.

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sperimenting with an urban mix myspace video embed

by popular request, I'll leave the link to the video, but since turning autoplay to "false" doesn't stop the video from starting every time the page is loaded, I'm removing the embedded player. Maybe someone will tell me how to embed it without it autostarting. Otherwise McD may have heart failure and that would suck.

In the mean time... get this or other music videos codes here
pussycat dolls - buttons (feat snoop dogg)

June 18, 2006

seems like anything worth doing these days...

is worth doing offline.

happy father's day, george!

happy father's day fellas!

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