November 18, 2001

Read about the latest blog slug-em-out here (past Denver's post), which will take you there. Fascinating how carried away we all get talking about this new micromedium, isn't it? You'd think there was a revolution goin on or something. jeesh!
I usually take a while to form my thoughts. That's why I haven't gotten in to the whole what are blogs debate that seems to be buzzing around blogsville these days. Journal, diary, academic rhetoric, introspective indulgence, journalism--I don't know. To me, blogging is all of these things and none of them. The one thing I know for sure is that the velocity of online interconnections is reaching warp-speed thanks to blogs and bloggers. When's the last time you went to a traditional website to see what's new? To get tuned in and turned on? For my part, now that I've become a blogger, I have one or two websites I check every now and then--primarily because I need to see how tightly I should fasten my seatbelt in light of the global turbulents that rock our world. Other than those couple of websites, though, I'm all about blogs. It's because of their freshness, newness, and with many, because of their humor. So, as I weigh in on the what-are-blogs debate, after all the profound things have already been written by my counterparts, I don't have much left to say. Except that I'm happier and smarter for having found this thing called blogging.