August 15, 2011


How can a school and its teachers fail so miserably at engaging children who come through the doors enthused and filled with wonder on the first day of school? I drove them there. I know they were open and vulnerable and joyous. But you closed that door by treating them like they are three grades younger than they are; by assuming the worst of their capabilities, their motives, and their behavoir; by asking for information from them that can be used against them later; by reciting rules and promising punishment; by aiming to control instead of to TEACH; by assigning drone-like assignments and busy work ALREADY to tie up their activity time outside of school; by destroying their spirts and stomping on their passions. How did you achieve ALL OF THAT in one day? ANY teacher who did any one of these things today (I have the names of 2 of you), please retire or find another job. Jobs are hard to come by and parents are tired of paying for you to squelch what is beautiful in our children. So change your attitudes TONIGHT. Or it's on. Got it?