March 29, 2010

happy new year!

Seems like forever since I've been moved to post. It gets like that every now and again. So many Facebook gala events to attend, friend's need adding, people need help with their games, and besides, everything has been said already. You see your friends in chat. Twitter's faster, albeit vapid by comparison.

Before long, you find yourself having not blogged for a long time. And then if you're lucky, someone sends along some words of wisdom, some inspiring imagery, something that compells you back to the pixels from whence you came.

Such was the gift I received from the book of joe today, reminding me of the wondrous cultural diversity that makes the world go round.

And now? To the east my brothers to the east:

It's the "Pee Without Noise Stool." Because pee can be terribly loud.

My only question is, what's coming out of his face? Is that the sweat of sweet relief? Joy? Extra urine?

Are you glad I'm back or what!?