April 17, 2004

no possible way

there's no possible way i'm stretched out on the couch with this laptop, all wirelessly connected n shit. holy hot. this is the life. you guys been keepin a big secret from me. Here's how you blog like you do all the time. I've been tapping my fingers to the bone on these subpar machines, hooked into a cable and plugged into the wall, for years. When did technology get this good?

I have to push post now, just because I can.

In the words of Howard Dean

YEEEAAAAAAAAAAaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!! On my new laptop, retreived from the wrong house, where it landed when UPS left it there, in the driveway, and now I'm on it wirelessly from my piano top and I don't even know how it's doing that. What's up with that? Does my DSL linksys router have a wireless thingy I wasn't aware of? Do I live in a hotspot? Or am I leaching off of my neighbors? Either way, it works for me!

I realized I've been living in 2001. It's nice to join the rest of yous. Oh, and I can finally TYPE without letters repeating and jumping and skipping all about. This is effortless. It's like floating in water. ohhhhh. i so happy!

April 14, 2004

okay, so can i ask a question?

I downloaded and installed the A9 toolbar and am assuming I don't see anything different because I already have the Google toolbar? Come on, can we all just get along?

Check out the "diary" feature of the A9 toolbar:

A9 Toolbar
Web Search: Search the web and Amazon.com's Search Inside the Book™ results. You can also do searches on Amazon.com, the Internet Movie Database, Google, and look up words in a dictionary and thesaurus.

Search Highlighter: The toolbar will automatically highlight your search terms in a light yellow. By using the highlighter menu, you can see how many times your search terms appear on the page, and jump to each occurrence of a specific word. Hint: You don't have to do a search to use the highlighter. Just type one or more words in the search box and click the highlight button.

Your History: Keep track of your last sites visited (on any computer) and your most recent searches. It will keep track of the Web pages you recently visited--even if you switch computers.

Diary: This is the newest and (we think) coolest feature of the toolbar. You can take notes on any web page, and reference them whenever you visit that page, on any computer that you use. Your entries are automatically saved whenever you stop typing or when you go to another page.

Site Info: See information about the website you are visiting, including related links, site statistics (including traffic rank), sites linking to this site, and user ranking. Select from the menu to go to the site's page on Amazon.com where you can get more information and write a review about the site.

Pop-up Blocker: Stop those annoying pop-up ads.

So, interesting. On the google toolbar, you can have "blog this" which makes it super quick and easy to blog in Blogger as you surf. On the A9 tool bar you get the wild sounding "diary" feature that lets you keep notes about the sites you visit.

I want it all. Aninegoogle.

oh amazon, i love you.

I've seen enough. I'm in love.


I can't decide if looking for a new laptop feels more like shopping for a new car or a new house. The strangest thing, and if you believe laptops can be demon-possessed then this may not seem so weird, but after I plunked the just over a thousand dollars down on a new acer, opting for the budget-reliability combo (and don't anyone say anything bad--it's not even here yet) with thanks to Sheila Lennon who uses an Acer Travelmate, and if it can withstand all the writing Sheila does I figure it can certainly handle mine, but I digress.... What I was saying was that after I plunked down the money for the new laptop, this one is suddenly behaving.

I know. I know. It sounds crazy. But look at me type. I've only had three double-tripple letters (which I fixed) in the last paragraph. That's pretty good for this refurbished Dell, whose keyboard issues started the day I brought it home.

So, who knows. Maybe my Dell felt the reverberations of all the searches I've done this last week. Or maybe not. Either way, a fall in status is in store for this puppy.

Listen, Sheila has some great info about Amazon's new search engine capability too. Check it out. I'm on my way over to Amazon now to do just that.

April 11, 2004

Compare prices and features for Laptop Computer in GA

Happy Anniversary - one year in business, now i gotta get a new laptop. How are HP laptops? Anyone have one? Recommendations on new laptop under $1400 welcome.

p.s., if you haven't used Salescircular.com before, check it out. It's a handy way to check out who's got what on sale before you run around town.