September 14, 2007

Even Closer to Home.

George's mother passed away tonight. Lula had an incredibly strong life force and did not let go easily. Born in 1921 and raised in Mississippi, she saw a lot in her 86 years. Her family fled Mississippi after her mother bit off the ear of a white man for harassing her and her daughter. That daughter went on to sing opera, graduate from Buffalo State University in 1959, raise three sons, and was a New York State school teacher until she retired and moved to Florida 20 years ago. There's a lot more to her story, and a whole lot more to her legacy. That story belongs to others, and is theirs to share.

May she rest in Peace.


You Know How I Feel About Blogrolls

An interesting discussion is going on at Doc's on blogrolls. My latest comment is here.


I think if people have too hard of a time keeping up with what the folks on their blogrolls are writing, then:

1) who cares. there's no law mandating that I read the people on my blogroll every day, every week, or even every year. my blogroll will be more useful to me and others if I do, yes. but maybe i like someone's blog but they only posted once. guess what: i can put it on my blogroll. maybe i loved that post. so what if that person writes crap six months out of the year, but maybe they shit out a jewel every May. Maybe I love their jewel. maybe i love them. maybe i hate them but love the way they write. maybe i love them but hate the way they write. I can blogroll whoever I want. A link to a blog is not my endorsement of every post. My link says, well lookie there. Stay out of my blogroll methodology. make me a bumpersticker: keep your rules off my blogroll.

2) shut up. if you don't ever get time to click through your blogroll, you could try shutting up for a week and only reading. It isn't that hard. Maybe all of us should shut up and only read/comment for one week each month. I'd rather see that then plain paper pages with plenty of whitespace cluttering the Web and sending me no-where fast.

3) add new voices. if you aren't keeping up, you might be bored with the people on your blogroll. add new voices then. has 1-click adding. Use your technorati faves to fuel your blogroll. That is saying: "hey, something made my heart go boom-boom a little bit." You are afraid of being a gatekeeper. White space is gate keeping too, pa. It's a fence around your posts. It's opting out of doing the right thing because the right thing takes too long. Bullocks. Fund a startup and solve the problem.

Blogs are not magazines. Fuck white space. Long live the Blogroll.


Yay Marshall

Marshall Kirkpatrick is a stellar human being and a uber-talented writer. Good for read/write web to nab him. Looks like he's going back to full-time blogging, takin' care of bidness over at Read/Write Web and working on his consulting gig. That was a pretty quick move from indie to day-job to indie. Or some such thing. Whatever the arrangement, good luck Marshall! YAY!


Startups were launched and dissolved in the time it took this baby to arrive

Originally uploaded by Robert Scoble
He's Here!

Let the first round of funding begin! w00t!

September 13, 2007

Conspiratorial and Proud

"Meteorologists were at a loss to explain the rapid, 16-hour genesis of the first hurricane to hit the U.S. since 2005."

really? let me try:

You get bye-bye with a little help from your friends. From 1997:

"In much the same way that infrared and low-light viewing equipment has made it possible for 20th-century soldiers to own the night, U.S. Air Force planners hope to give 21st-century warriors advanced technologies that will enable them to own the weather. A declassified version of a 2-year study prepared by the Air War College and obtained by PM reveals that this is no dreamland scenario. The Pentagon's top meteorologists believe the United States will be ready to fight--and win--a weather war early in the next century."

I'm thinking we're not to "and win" yet??


Closer and Closer to Home

Just found out Bobby Byrd died yesterday. There must be a show scheduled someplace beyond this place that needs some serious soul. George played with Bobby. Our thoughts are with the family. Our sadness is with the changing face of music.


the scobles are in labor

go scobles! tweet that baby out.

gentleman among bassists

i want. this. concert.


love 1.0

September 12, 2007

Follow the Ironic Link

Some interesting articles sponsored by O'Reilly, oddly enough, on women in technology. I can't wait to dig into these, especially Shelley's article, "So What?" because I always enjoy reading Shelley. So THAT'S what you've been up to, Shell!


September 11, 2007

Oh. he said street massings.

i thought he said "street mashups".

Which, ultimately are better than a fox attack.

in other links:

Frank's composing an anthem.

Shelley's still gone. But not forgotten.

I'm wondering what happened to Paul Scheele?

Where's Denise?

Where's Gary's blog--am I on drugs?


george on joe...

on myspace.


Goodbye Joe Zawinul





If I were writing the press release...

I posted yesterday an idea on how and why Google should throw it's enormous financial weight and business smarts at the American healthcare problem. If I were in charge of the world, this is the press release I would write announcing a new plan from Google to help their uninsured users.



The company of “firsts” strikes again with new program that lets millions of U.S.-based users participate in company benefit programs

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (September 11, 2007) - No stranger to innovation, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced that it would extend benefits to its user and customer base. Under Google’s Well America Plan, U.S.-based users of the company’s enterprise and web-based tools may apply for benefits. For $100 per month per individual, or $250 for a family of three or more, Google’s user base can select from a range of Google-sponsored benefits, including major medical, prescription drug, hospitalization, and alternative health programs. Three pricing tiers are available, with rates varying depending upon the annual deductible selected.

Google-sponsored dental plans are available from $9.99 per month, and Google will offer a complementary vision plan to all users.

“In its current form, the American healthcare system is not working,” said [[I WOULD PROBABLY GET IN TROUBLE IF I PUT A REAL NAME HERE]. “With a U.S. population of more than 301,000,000 -- an estimated half of whom are using Google or related applications at least occasionally -- our estimated U.S. user-base of 150,000,000 deserves access to affordable healthcare in the same way our employees do. We provide benefits to our employees, and now we will offer them to our customers and partners at an affordable rate.”

There are currently 45.8 million uninsured in the United States, half of whom live below the poverty level and as such are eligible for Federally and state-funded healthcare programs. That leaves 25 million Americans uninsured and ineligible for government-sponsored programs. Many of these individuals are self-employed knowledge workers and Google users.

“In a networked economy, the lines between users and employees, between partners and other stakeholders, are blurring,” said [[DON’T WANT TO GET SUED]]. “The search industry is based on content, and that content is provided by the millions of users who publish content to the web. That’s just one reason why this program is the right thing for Google to do.”

Google’s Well America Program will begin taking applications October 1. To apply for Google benefits, visit


September 10, 2007

on a tangent

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman...

Google Could Fix Healthcare

Dear Google,

On the eve of making a decision whether to go up to a $3500 deductible and $600/month for health insurance (six sick visits a year before having to pay out of pocket up to the 3,500 and paying 30 percent after that), I turn to you for help. Because you have demonstrated by developing web apps that change the way we work that you are a problem solver of magnificent proportion.

With all this foundation money, which is growing faster than you can spend it, You are in a better position than the U.S. government to fix health care in America. The country is bankrupt, while you are flush. So, who should we trust more to make thing happen quickly--the government and health care industry that have let us down again and again, or the company that makes it possible for us to make a living globally without leaving home?

Google, above all do no harm, okay... but if you want to lend a real helping hand to the challenges of web workers -- to give us what we are REALLY missing -- tell us how you'd make it so we can have access to good health care for our bodies and teeth, ourselves and our kids, without losing our homes, our families, or our lives?

Web app that if you would.

I thank you.


p.s., I am not kidding. What if you extended benefits to your users -- your customers and partners -- not just your employees. the lines are blurred. we already work for you. i have worked for for six years. let us in.


Hey that's what I said...

I see the word on Quechup as spam-champ of social-hookup tools is getting around. Check out the last line in the article. Great minds think alike. ;-)

You'd think by now Quechup would have learned that online, there IS such a thing as bad PR. All links are NOT created equal. And being talked about badly is NOT better than not being talked about at all. Google's memory is longer than an elephant's. It persists, reminding customers and prospects after they've forgotten just how stupid you were.

Reputations are branded in an instant online. It takes much longer to undo a mess than the flippant mouse click (or background routine) it takes to do the damage.

Dang, I'm full of em today.

Tell AKMA Happy Birthday!

Stop over at AKMA's place today and say happy birthday!

My goodness when I met AKMA he was just a young man of 44. Now he is Very Very old.

But Seriously, there are two handfuls of people I've met through blogging who have made a difference in my life and the life of my family. There's one handful of these people who are so much part of my life's fabric that they are part of the reason I'm still here and still healing.

AKMA is one of those people. I thank him I thank him I thank him. He demonstrates in life and on his blog the meaning of Grace and kindness. Of wit and understanding. He has not let the conservative bushwhacks run away with his Christianity. Or my Christianity. He cares, truly cares, about people. He is an example of what it means for real human beings, with bumps and bruises and real-human-being-stuff, to have Faith.

He and his wife Margaret and his family are our friends and we are blessed to know them.

Happy Birthday AKMA!!!

(and don't forget the mountain goat!)