June 16, 2006

Pip's Solo Act

I don't care. It's STILL fucking funny.


Further Proof, as if you needed any.

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June 15, 2006

Bill Gates to Follow Scoble to PodTech. Pips to Run MS.

Added Value

Pssst. Pass it on.

Six Years After: Who knew we had dreamed up a Music-Based Social Network with a transaction engine inside?

In 2000, when I was working with online marketplace clients in the heyday of ecommerce, George and I had a dream for a site where all the participants in the craft and the business of music could gather to talk, learn, grow, create, and conduct business. Six years later, I realize that it was a concept looking for its context, and the context is social networks. MySpace on steroids with Second Life mixed in + ebay, for music only. You know.

At the time, we called it emusicXchange, and explained it this way.

The "Music without Barriers" Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple--removing the barriers that have historically kept good musicians from making music. Get rid of the pretenses, use plain-language contracts, collaborate, educate, understand, and then play some music. Our vision is to leverage the power of the Internet to create an online community where the business of music can take place in an organic way.

We call this online world for music business professionals emusicXchange--the first and only business-to-business emusic marketplace on the Web. A soon-to-be living example of our philosophy of music without barriers...

As relevant today as it was six years ago? I'd say moreso.

We thought about looking for funding at that time--thinking if we had a prototype site, "they would coome." Then the sky fell in on the online world, I left Ketchum and started my own business, George toured, and here we are.

What reminded me of our emusicXchane idea was this post today from Stowe on the Future of Social Networks. Stowe quotes a gem from Fred Stutzman:
Social networking is becoming content-centric. Essentially, companies are building social-enabled sites around content areas - be they cars, music or to-do lists. In this context, social networking adds the logical next layer to content-driven resources. This is an extremely important trend - in the future, all of our content sites will have SNS characteristics. Sites that move early and implement well could very easily steal a large audience pool from established content sites.

Absolutely right. Sites like LinkedIn, friendster, and orkut were the testing ground for technology and the mindset that would eventually enable new social networks to emerge--the generation that would finally answer the question, "now what?"

That's where we are. Right now. Today. Right this second. And that's pretty cool.

Whereas the early social sites are "social networks for social networks' sake," next-generation networks will have learned the lessons of blogs, of cluetrain, of gonzo marketing: the most compelling places on the net are those places where people come together around an area of interest, a passion, a cause--a joy.

This is where we find meaning, not just faces. This is where we find context, not just content.

And, it's the very core of what makes social networks social.

Learning that you and I know the same people does not delight me. Knowing that you and I both cry when we hear Jaco playing A Remark You Made, means everything.

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June 14, 2006

Different cultures, different interpretations?

I mean do you see that?

Aretha's singing on MY blog. From before. From back when I should have been grieving. But I was too young. I could only listen. Til I grew up. Then I came here to grieve. And  now she's here from back then on my blog retroholyshittingme silly and blowing out the condenser mic. All for me!

I mean do you see that? Hear that?

I mean is it me or what?

Answer my prayer now baby.

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and wondering what dress to wear now...

Shelley, you have to come back--we have video now!

bla AHAHHHHAAAA! Ohhhaaahaha... ohhhh...haa. whsew.... okay.. ok

so this whole user-generated content thing, right? okay, you with me? you have companies all salivating to get content for free which is why so many are gushing about user-generated content (UGC), consumer-generated media (CGM), and other terms they lovingly use to refer to the Shit We Make (SWM). what it means to these companies is that they get us to do stuff for free that they can use. wow--it's a lose-win!

but thankfully, we'll know how to actually put to USE user-generated content better, because its that me2you thing, m2y (m2y.us), in other words, my blog is user (jeneane) generated content that uses user (you, youtubers, myspacians, etc.) generated content, and so the third level is going to be down the hierarchy, not up. heee heeeeee.

so see the joke is that we're the users that are using user-generated content and generating it as well. so really the market makers--the ones who enable us to do that faster/better/wider will win. Not the content suckers. And of course us. We'll win too.

anyway, i was just chortling to myself over the meta-ness of it all.

back to brookers now.

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have i completely missed the birth of a fad?

Building jumping. Holy shit, Golby, Don't.

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the next person who sez myspace is for 12 year olds gets punched.

'cause i like 12 year olds and 212 year olds. and i like myspacians. some of my myspacians...

lonnie plaxico
jaleel shaw
burden hand --> plays are only in the 100s. i predict big things. yeah, they have jaco's son.
nedra johnson
steve ewing
Hill St Soul - and here
Martin Luther, still a fav.
gotta have some wooten bros.

speaking of wootens...

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no, you don't understand...

I REALLY miss Shelley.

marketing grief

I didn't know Grief Tourism was a segment of the travel industry, but I'm not exactly surprised. Personally, I like to get away from grief when I vacation. A sandy beach. A little snorkeling. Sleeping in late. Stuff like that. You know, save Auschwitz for a rainy day.

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Social Director + Product Manager of the Internet

During the agency days in Internet boom 1.0, mainstream reporters and editors leaped around from job to job so fast your key media email addresses (and fax numbers back then) were out of date before you could think up a pitch. So, we would subscribe to whateverthehell service it was that sent us regular emails, the sole purpose of which was to update who just left where to go where.

This was like fix-a-flat for MediaMap (now bacon's media source), because they couldn't get database updates done fast enough to keep up with the job change mania. So these in-between emails were essential for making sure a story idea didn't fall through the cracks.

all of this is to say, with the pace of the social mediasphere now surpassing that of MSM 1.0, there's a little microservice money to be made in a daily (or weekly, with breaking news on scoble or Om type moves) email and RSS service whose sole job would be to track who's going where (and how to contact them). Nice added feature: provide updated links to their blogs, and update RSS feeds and email addresses at the person's new gig if and when available, and RSS links to other stories/blogs covering the move.

let me know when it's up and running. I'll pledge my $25 a year subscription today. thanks!

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DANCE! It's George's Birthday!


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data data everywhere, not a drop to drink.

In a new survey, more than a third of companies responding indicated that their company had been hurt by the disclosure of sensitive information via blogs, discussion boards etc.

translation: employees talking online to other people about how companies suck can affect these companies.

Easy answer: Fire a blogger.
Smarter answer: Stop sucking.

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"People used to have diaries with locks on them..."

worth watching tony on blogging.

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dreams do come true

they can happen to you.

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June 13, 2006


this is the kind of search that isn't search but find, the kind of search that will reveal itself more and more in the coming months as it matures, as the uncloaking of desire, the uncovering of meaning through "search that doesn't make you search" becomes more important.

exploration should be colorful. discovery has layers.

As a way to look for things that are like other things, discovery and uncovery will become the search standard, not the odd blip -- and we should all wonder what google has in store; dear friends that spreadsheet app was a purposeful distraction: something big is brewing at Web Headquarters. slight of hand. strike up the band. count on it.

But the more nimble startups don't have to wait for it to be perfect. sometimes they can't handle everyone who comes looking, sometimes they can't handle anyone, but we will keep coming, hoping to find that which we think might be x but might also be y, what it sounds like 3 and makes us feel like Orange.

they'll get there.

this is the web. i want to explore in the round, not in trajectories.

pointer: theory is the reason


We will be back soon...

Hello, We are sorry to have to stop temporarily the radio.
The number of visitors has reached such a level that given the way we currently operate the broadcast the cost has become too high.
Thanks to all who encouraged us, made comments on the service and recommended it around them.
We plan to rapidly provide the service again on a more sustainable basis.

For those who would like to get an alert when the service is back, just click postmaster@liveplasma.com


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pass the word

...someone let my daughter's hair lady know that steve urkel didn't kill himself. i sort of suspected urban legend when she told me -- in front of jenna -- that urkel suicided last week. yah, okay.
The latest false celebrity death rumor going around concerns Jaleel White (best known for playing Urkel on Family Matters). Supposedly he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. This rumor is old. It was first posted on my site over half a year ago (in the comments to my post titled 'Is this Jaleel White?'). It's no truer now than it was then.

why would this hoax reup for another round? my guess is that folks restart old rumors to grab google juice.

Kind of like I'm doing now.

In fact, I may start false death rumors about celebrity bloggers. And then point to their blogs and wikipedia to prove that they are still alive.

Jaleel White is alive and well. SEO is dead.

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whatdoyouknow, Rumplestiltskin woke up and posted.

He Breathes!

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cool blips

Stowe has added something called "blips" to /Message where he offers micro-reviews on new products. Cool! First batch from Stowe:

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commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

sorry--comments are off due to the latest spam attack.

looking at comment utilities outside of blogger to incorporate. you'd think someone would have developed the killer comment app by now. arrrgh.

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jesh, these 2 a.m. breaking news stories are hell on the east coast

Here's a giggle om: Valleywag scooped Om on his own story: Om's quit Business 2.0 to turn gigaom into a competitive venture.

Whooo. it gets crazier and crazier.

Next up: I'm quitting blogging so i can write. (don't tempt me.)

P.S. Good for Om. He's the pro's pro and I'm sure will be very successful. Should be fun to watch as he grows out his space.

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now this is an interesting blog

to me anyway: Mixed Media Watch. it appears yesterday was another kind of wedding anniversary. i should know these things.

Today marks the 39th anniversary of the win that spurred all remaining states to overturn their anti-miscegenation laws. Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving were the couple behind the fight to give marriage rights to all interracial couples involving one white partner (a little known fact is that many of the states that prohibited a couple like Mildred and Richard from marrying would have had no problem with an Asian man and a black woman marrying. Similar to the one-drop rule, anti-miscegenation laws were meant to keep power and ownership of land and property within the white population. Once whites married people of color, the power would potentially be distributed/shared with spouses and mixed children).

On the anniversary of this win, we should think about how crazy it is that as of 1966 (before the Supreme Court overturned all anti-miscegenation laws), there were still 17 states across the country that prohibited interracial marriage. It’s also crazy that so many people don’t even realize that this case exists — that at one time, it was illegal for mixed families to exist in many places. Think about that, and ask yourself, how far have we come? Sure, it’s legal now, but I would caution anyone against celebrating this win and stopping there. If we remain satisfied with the basic rights we are given, we are in huge trouble. Having the right doesn’t negate the fact that there are still many ways that interracial couples are targeted and subjected to racism and discrimination

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coming down

i'm coming off the steroids. tomorrow's the last pill. that means i'm miserable. and manic. i took the daughter out today to get her hair fixed up. it was going to be some simple braiding, but nothing hair related in the ATL is simple when you're the mom of a mixed kid with a black woman doing her hair at XYZ salon.

it's always a ride, it's always a dance, a sideways glance, a sizing up ritual so she can figure out if i'm one of those mothers of bratty, tender-headed beige girls who hacks all the baby's hair off because I'm lame or lazy (i'm not), or one who doesn't moisturize (i do), or one who knows how to braid (suck at it), or knows the difference between texturizer and relaxer (i do), or what. Plus they never ask where her daddy's at even though they want to.

listen, it's like that.

yesterday i drove around for two hours looking for a place to cut and braid my little-miss-swimsuit's hair for at least part of the summer. that was my three steroid day. i wasn't really coming down yet--i was still in my productive, get-it-done mode.

except we didn't get it done because no one was open except the middle eastern salon and they didn't want to know about my kid's hair when we walked in. And then out.

So today i got hold of a woman who said she'd cut and braid it, and jenna's hair's never been this bad, but something about this year's pool or about her changing hormones or aging or whatever has made her hair completely crazy, unmanageable, uncombable, matted, out of countrol -- no matter how much pre or post conditioning i do.

so we go in at 4 and i'll have you know we got out at midnight.

mid-fucking-night. because i got had is what i did, and my kid now has a full hairweave, a set of my god there must be fifty braids and weaved bangs, and i don't recognize her at all, put her on TV and let's call it a day, and how the hell is this going to help with swimming like i told the woman i wanted, but she smiled after she got paid for spending 8 hours on my kid's hair.

i wish i lived in idaho.

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Will and I are Cycling

That's pretty much how I feel. So read Will.

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June 11, 2006

secret tanning oil for the melanin challenged

Don't use it until you have a good base. Leave it out in the sun with you so it liquifies. And don't get the BLUE Blue Magic, get the GREEN Blue Magic. It's all the rage at my pool. Rub it on your arms, legs, chest, and whhhat have you. Lanolin and Olive Oil are the featured ingredients. It's greassssey, but it's good.

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How to succeed on the web (or anywhere else).

1) Get a client.
2) Do the work. Well.

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Semi-Related Post about the Workplace and Self-Expression...

Written before the bsn - big scoble news - this post by Jon lays out a good nine yards about the workplace, this place, and sacred self expression.

What price freedom, principles and basic human dignity ...such as the right to an opinion of one's own, and the freedom of self-expression in a context essentially totally removed from a workplace.  Do employers "own" you ?  Always a good question to ask yourself.

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Dave Winer: "I've Been All Aound This Deal"

Knowing this, somehow, I feel creeped out for scoble.

I've been hanging with Scoble all day, had dinner with him and John Furrier last night (also Jason Calacanis, Leo Laporte, Steve Gillmor, Janice Fraser, Maryam Scoble and Amber Dawn MacArthur). I've been all around this deal, so close to it, it's hard to comment.

Scoble is my friend, has been for many years. We've had ups and downs, lately it's been up after being really down. I didn't like how Microsoft was changing our relationship, and I told him so, really clearly. You can only be at such a large company for so long before it changes you.

Scoble really is a big generous guy, but not when he's in such a large stifling organization. When he finally decided to leave, it's as if a huge weight came off him, and all of a sudden, the old Scoble is back. I'm sure that losing his mother had something to do with the changes as well. One big change begets others.

I'm glad that Scoble and Maryam will be moving back to the Bay Area, I've been encouraging them to try the East Bay. I'd like to see Furrier open a studio in downtown San Francisco, I have some ideas about that, and may open one myself, or use theirs.

wow, that's a bummer

Robert's just put the kabash on the most fun I've had participating in something live and in progress online since... i dunno, since... a long time ago. But that's how it goes.

So, what about the other news? This is a rapidly-evolving part of my life. I just made this decision and it got out before I was completely ready to talk about it. I invite you to meet with me at the VLoggerCon tomorrow evening at 3 to 6 p.m. in San Francisco where we'll talk about it further (and I'll post again tomorrow about what's going on in my life and why I made this decision)


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Last one to refresh Scoble's Blog 100 times while waiting for his post...

is an idiot like me!!!

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Chris Pirillo: It's 100-percent true

Chris Pirillo says it’s 100% true. Scoble is heading to PodTech.net. He also lists the VARIOUS breaking news outlets around the web at midnight++ on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. From Chris Pirillo, See:

Robert Scoble leaving Microsoft for a Silicon Valley startup
Scoble Leaving Microsoft - News at 11
Scoble moves
Robert Scoble to Leave Microsoft, Joins PodTech.net
Microsoft’s top blogger Robert Scoble is leaving…
Scoble leaving Microsoft…
Evil Web 2.0 Part II
The Scobleizer calls it quits at Microsoft
Is Scoble leaving Microsoft
Scoble Leaving Microsoft
Is Blogger Robert Scoble Leaving Microsoft
News Flash- Robert W. Scoble Is Leaving Microsoft

, , , , , ,

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Expect a State of the Unionizer Any Moment

Up to the minute ramblings about scoble's box packing coming up soon.

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Scoble's Leavingizer?

Who will be the next microlizer then?

Om always gets the scoop, so I'm sure it's twue. The  move should put some serenity into Robert's life, not counting Silicon Valley, and Microsoft's life too. It will be interesting to see how Robert's blog fares over time without the MS banner flying in the wind for both critic rifles to aim at and fans to wave high. Whatever the deal, congrats to robert and his family.

Next question: Will Liz Lawley attempt to follow him there? No one knows for sure. No one even knows why I'm asking. Except maybe someone.

Been a big week in job changes. Does that mean we're out of beta?

Does it mean I can kick someone's ass yet?

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i don't mean it i'm really a very nice person.

PICTURE CAPTIONS in order of appearance: 1) six steroids in one day? 2.) I feel like cleaning! 3.) Ahhh, I just kicked some ass.

(notes to self: fix duo-colored pool hair, 44-year-old wrinkled forehead, and how about some lip gloss old lady.)


OH HOW i wish the blogosphere was the way it used to be, because there are three to four people who I would like to link to and simply say this: shut the fuck up. And if now was then, I would just do it. And we'd go a few rounds and come out the better.

But now's not then and there's all of this civility bullshit you have to consider. Plus i have clients who read me (LOVE YOU!) but I never ever ever let that bother me because I want clients who understand what we are DOING here is talking and engaging and becoming, and sometimes THAT ISN'T PRETTY OR CIVIL, and my clients do understand that. God bless their shiny little heads.

But see, it's my tags, it's tags that are pulling me into discussions about tech and web 2.0 and blogging by these SAME people, droning echoes between my ears as they yammer on and on about the same old same crap, their cadence annoys me; it's as regular as clockwork. They are driving me to distraction with their predictability and vanilla-ness.

Sure, it might have something to do with the steroids, but I think this whole illness thing has been like a week long drunk for me. You know, they say the stuff that comes out when you're drunk is what you really think since you're more honest because your guard is down? WELL, if that's true, then enter steroids, and my guard is a motherfucker, and I think maybe the real me is nearly ready to EXPLODE with A PERSONAL invitation to the melonheads littering the Internet with the remains of their circle-jerk wackoffs  to take their playthings and head to another sandbox.

web 2.0, zebo, nebo, crebo, flickr, bendr, mothrfuckr, whatevr!

and what, was W.H. Auden going on about with Freud--you don't think he was pleasuring the good doctor behind the tavern with the thatched roof? I don't know, I'm asking is what I'm doing.

you can't answer these things for me. and that's okay. but you can do one thing, you can start writing with something other than your fingers and a keyboard. You can bring your heart here, and your balls, and your bare ass. You could do that much.

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