August 30, 2002

Theory: The Critical Mass of Therapy

"When you are working more on yourself than you have self to work on." --jeneane sessum

thank you very much.
Elvis has left the building.

August 27, 2002

one more for the road

He was mostly a pest. He showed up on my doorstep while George was in Hong Kong, you remember, an interlude between all those love poems and self-exploration I was doing. I didn't need a tom cat around. He was needy and bit when he didn't get just what he wanted. I'd have to fill his food dish on the outside step three times a day just to keep him from nipping at my heel when I stepped outside for a smoke.


He hasn't been around in three or four days. Not like him--he usually shows up a few times a day -- coming from wherever he came from. I never did figure out if he was someone's cat just looking for an extra bowl of food, or a stray, or just a lost little cat soul.

I saw him today, not on my step, but on the main road. I didn't look closely as I approached the run-of-the-mill roadkill that seems to haunt these streets. I knew though, not from the guts and innards I saw first, but from the unusual tiger grey fur that had opened up to let his life force go, it was him. My wheels straddled him as I continued on -- had to get Jenna to school in time for french toast sticks. I blocked it for most of the day. But tonight, when the little sister cats next door had the courage to come up my steps like they used to--before him--and see what was left in his food bowl, I said good bye to Ashes.

Glad I could give you a bowl of cat chow and fresh water when you were in need. Sorry I couldn't do more.

Ashes to ashes...

August 26, 2002

Taking time

Still not well -- taking some time to re-focus energies and spirit on the positive, the truly meaningful. Above all, do no harm.

Peace, y'all.