November 10, 2007


it's all relative ----->RB's the devil you know

Not One Fucking Thing is Miscellaneous

I thought one day I'd say I thought you'd like who I thought you were.............


The pain is gone. The real bad pain I had five years ago, 2002, 2003. When 2004 rolled around I thought OK, this must be enough. Two years is enough, right? C'mon. Well you can put me out. Put me out. I fell asleep watching the movie I grabbed tonight. The Way of the Gun. I love Benicio del Toro. I woke up and thought: the pain is gone. Five years later, five and a half. Not really gone, but gone enough. The thrill too, but that's the price you pay. I thought well it's Friday night, nowhere to be tomorrow. I could make another cup of coffee. I could write.

Put me out of mis-er-y. Yeah hipshake snap it's the brand new me. Up on the stage like I never was, guitar slung low in case I need a chord. Talking to the mike as it comes to me. Like that. Or maybe... yeah, maybe more like this. Pathological mourning, what rhymes with that? I was always big on nomenclature. Every word in its place and a place in every word. Some forever not for better. Three years, four. Not supposed to last that long. If I can just hold on I thought, till the screaming stops. But I knew all the time I wasn't screaming. I was thinking one day I'll write it. Get it in, get it on, get it down the way it really happened. Get it over. Here's a chord right now. All casual like. Just saying.

So what's this? One day you wake up and you're a lounge act? If only you could have been what I dreamed you were. And you say no, that's wrong, that's not the way it goes, you were just projecting. And I say what, were you born yesterday? Of course I was projecting. Can't dance, too wet to plow. What else is there to do here? Are you scared? And you say are you high? We're all scared. But it's my mike tonight, my chords, my world. I thought one day I'd say I thought you'd like who I thought you were. It was a hell of a dream.


the other side of the coin...

I was involved in an incident on ze internets sometime back (seems like just yesterday) in which I was deemed an asshole for what was ultimately my human inability to pay apt attention to too many things at once, including things I was supposedly involved in but gave only a cursory rat's ass about.

Not to compare the Beatles to Jesus here, but I actually feel for Om (who is in pain) and Mike (who's job is not to confirm speakers for a conference) for taking a beating about not showing up at a blogging conference because one of them was not well and the other had no concrete plans to be there. Emails exchanged are not a confirmation. If I were booking either one of these guys for a conference, I'd have more than a few back-and-forths before I'd stamp them on the agenda.

There may be a great bunch of things unknown here, but the thing I do know is that a woman vlogger stepped in to fill the spot on the panel, and I don't know her, but as expected, the typical 'she was much hotter/easier on the eye/cuter/sexier' than Arrington or Malik has begun in earnest. I wonder if she actually contributed anything to the conversation?

Not that THAT matters at a blogging conference.



So sorry, Denise...

Your Grandma Urzi ounds like an amazing woman. Now I know where you get it from.

I love her pictures.

Thinking about you.


November 07, 2007

stinking wall won't budge

Wake Me in Another Hundred Years

“Once every hundred years media changes," declared wonderalmostman Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook Social Advertising Event in New York City. Apparently we're still waiting, at least from what I'm reading about Facebook's not-so-landmark platform for big brands to bore you where you came to avoid them.

I'm with Nick, who would probably join me at the clinic for an immunization against the "Infect me, I'm yours" brand (new) virus that's about to spread like the plague across online social spaces.

Facebook had a chance to get a clue to do away with traditional broadcast-model advertising, to truly put participants in charge of how they deal with the companies who want in their pants sooo badly, to instruct corporations who don't know how to do things any differently just how to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. And Facebook failed.

The same old brand pushers -- Sprite sips and all -- will be showing up on Facebook, led by the Biggest of All Brands--the Kings of Soda (can big pharma be far behind?). Prepare to be intertained!

In a marketing sense, social networks are comprised of Gonzo-Marketing-Styled micromarkets, where people gather around things that interest them NOT in 'predictable consumer ways,' but in ways where the 'i kissed a boy in kindergarten' group means something to you, even if that something is LYAO. Facebook COULD have been the virtual liaison between people gathered around areas of interest and related products and services, where the PEOPLE are the conversation, and the CORPORATION listens, and pays for the privilege.

But I don't think that's how it's going to be on Facebook. Not given this release about Leading Brands leading the way into advertising there:

The Coca-Cola Company will feature its Sprite brand on a new Facebook Page and will invite users to add an application to their account called “Sprite Sips.” People will be able to create, configure and interact with an animated Sprite Sips character. For consumers in the United States, the experience can be enhanced by entering a PIN code found under the cap of every 20 oz. bottle of Sprite to unlock special features and accessories. The Sprite Sips character provides a means for interacting with friends on Facebook. In addition, Sprite will create a new Facebook Page for Sprite Sips and will run a series of Social Ads that leverage Facebook’s natural viral communications to spread the application across its user base.

Great. The Webkins of Cola. Let the intertainment begin.

I guess we can hope that our grandkids, or theirs, who will be around in another hundred years will get to enjoy a MEANINGFUL change in what it means to be a "consumer," otherwise known as a person. 'Cause it ain't happening this time around.


November 06, 2007

Look for the Union Label!

Let me just start out by sayng, not. work. safe.


Trifecta - Quadrupla!! The Cluetrain Stopped at DeFrag

Four of my favoritest people of the internets were together in one place yesterday--and in earth tones, besides!

My old good friends Doc, David, and Chris, joined by my newer good friend JP Rangaswami, stood on the same terrain at Eric Norlin's Defrag 07 conference in Denver.

JP verifies that the Cluetrainers are NOT a single person posing as three-and-a-half people. He actually rounded them up for a photo op AND got his copy of Cluetrain signed by all three Internet thought readers...uh leaders (something I've wanted to do since 2000).

I'm thinking mugs? Totes? Placemats?


Are Enough People Flushing Vicodin Down the Toilet that We Really Need to Throw Away Unused Pills in Cat Poop?

#1.) The term "Unused" Vicodin is infringing on oxymoron territory.

#2) You gotta be kidding me.

#3) I'm volunteering to work "take-back" day.

Once, patients were told to flush old drugs down the toilet. No more _ do not flush unless you have one of the few prescriptions that the Food and Drug Administration specifically labels for flushing.

That's because antibiotics, hormones and other drugs are being found in waterways, raising worrisome questions about potential health and environmental effects. Already, studies have linked hormone exposure to fish abnormalities. Germs exposed to antibiotics in the environment may become more drug-resistant.

Some communities set aside "take-back" days to return leftover doses to pharmacies or other collection sites for hazardous-waste incineration. The Environmental Protection Agency recently funded a novel pilot program by the University of Maine to see if consumers will mail back unused drugs _ a program that local officials estimate could cull up to 1.5 tons of medications.

Here in Atlanta, we have no water, so flushing is probably as safe as cat-littering. Personally, I'm waiting for "benzo burn day."


November 05, 2007


allied turned 6 yesterday. can you belieee that?

happy birthday to backup brain -- turning 8 today!

tis the bday season for the class of 01-02. keep your eye out for more blogelders reflecting on the last so many years.


November 04, 2007

beating peta

You probably don't know,
but if you do know,
or if you don't know but would like to know,
and you still believe in BLOGROLLS,
if you wouldn't mind blogrolling this new blog,
well then I'd like to introduce you to The Pet Timez,
brainchild of two blogging offspring
from two of your favorite mommy bloggers: thee and madame levy.

Our daughters, Maeve (from france) and Jenna (from amerika) have started a blog about pets, animals, and all things hairy. It's like realtime blog penpals writing about the stuff they care about--generally with four legs.

Enjoy. Support. Giggle.


Pass on the Pasta, Bring on the Burger

As a card carrying member of the New Media, I, from time to time, get books in the mail to review. I've started saying SURE to press releases offering books I think might be useful. I call this the cheapskate's guide to Holiday shopping!

I recently received The Diet Detective's Calorie Bargain Bible, by Charles Stuart Platkin to review. I have to say, the little 400+ page book is FULL of calorie counts for just about every food under the sun, including fast food joints, holiday meals, supermarket options, and more.

Meals with all the calories you should eat in a day include Ruby Tuesday's Colossal Burger (1,943 calories). You'd think the Fresh Chicken and Broccoli Pasta would be healthy, but it weighs in with 2,061 calories-- what the average person should eat in an entire day.

With more than a thousand calorie 'bargains', Platkin's book is a handy resource for getting the best calorie bang for your buck.