November 19, 2004

Keeping Time

5 person company looking for a tool to enter time into daily that will add time up by project/person, etc. in order to ease invoice creation.

Any ideas? Leave links and I'll share findings.

more to come...working like crazy here...

Also, atlanta area writers--and I mean good folks with tight skills in PR/Marketing writing especially in tech--send me links to your samples if you want to be considered for some upcoming writing project opportunities.

No time to 'splain. more news anon. Ask Stu what anon means.

November 18, 2004

Write Your Own Caption

(They need to stop giving us so much material.)

"Mmmmm, I love it when you talk redneck to me, Bubba."

November 17, 2004

Disclaim This

I am very near to dubbing the following, from IT Kitchen, the best blogline of 2004:

Possible monetary disclaimer:

I made 23,000US dollars last year, of which 2000.00 was from weblogging; the other 21,000 came from selling myself on the street corner at 5.00 a blowjob. I regret this, though; I feel so cheap for taking money for weblogging.

We are here and not in traditional media because we are biased. Most of us were drawn here by the unique opportunity to explore voice/writing/opinion/conversation.

As a reader of this weblog, please understand the following: Right here is the place where I say what I want, about whom I want and what I want, and on the occasion that someone decides to sponsor one of my writings, projects or brilliant ideas with cold hard cash, I have not only the right but the inherent responsibility to jump up and down in my own living room telling Jenna that it's present time.

(Read Gonzo Marketing, kay?)

David Weinberger has a nearly 600-word disclaimer/disclosure, the short take of which is, if you trust him as one of his readers, then you don't need to worry unless he tells you to.

For my part, I'll take any money I damn well please from anyone I damn well please. I'll decline any money I damn well please, but that's not likely to happen any time soon. Those who decide to give me money have no control over me, which, they would know if they had been reading me for any length of time, making the entire exercise of disclosure irrelevant.

Read Gonzo Marketing, kay? Because if someone trys to exert that control in a micromarket that is informed by whipsers, yelps, rants, and conversations, it doesn't work. Black eye to them. Bully for us.

To Chris, it's time to put the whole book online.

To Shelley, it fucking figures.

November 15, 2004

Write Your Own Caption

Oh so many come to mind...

"You mean I gotta talk into the motherfucking microphone that goes into the box on that cracker's back?"

Settling the Score

Boing Boing found just the right Chistmas Present for that special someone who's hard to buy for.

It's the University of Iowa's Jumbotron, starting bid just $10K.

I hope the lucky bidder puts it to good use.

November 14, 2004

The International Association of Dissociation


I'm sorry; my mind was someplace else.