June 09, 2007


good birthday finds:

no pasa nada - loving her.

Found her through Neil who gave me a piece of birthday cake on facebook. And i just gotta say teehee to this.

You know, facebook has just outdone the other popular social spaces by a mile -- except that they don't integrate the music-band component as successfully as, say, MySpace. They don't need to though. The NEW facebookers - the people joining and accelerating their use in the last month -- are heavy social web users who will play with facebook regardless of its lack of social music stuff. The open apps will keep it interesting.

Maybe apps will be added on that let us attend virtual concerts in facebook--the kind that will beat the crap out of second life's avatar-based shows AND MySpace's "events" which are nothing more than announcements (when they could be.. well... events!) Anyway - kudos to facebook. I'm having fun there.

I haven't opened my aggregator in a month. I'm on strike. I don't think i'll be using RSS to keep up with folks. I'd rather follow my nose through summer. See who leads me to whom. Spend time on my favorites and my brand news. Update my blogroll.

Jenna made me the most precious pillow for my birthday. She hand stitched and stuffed it. it is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU! soon i will have my own computer and i'll take pix again.

I lost all of my pix that aren't on fickr except for about 40. I mean I think I lost 500 or more pix that were on that hard drive. I try hard not to think of that.

George and Jenna are taking me out to dinner later. I think I will have steak. I will pepper it with Echinachea to try to make this stinking incision heal.

Yes, I will see the doctor Monday.

Thank you all again. I will keep saying that.



half way to 90

Can I just say that you guys are the frigging best? I am now just a few tenspots away from my new macbook, and am carefully weighing things like: should i get applecare? should i get the extra memory? do i need Office for the mac to swap .doc files with my clients who are PC strident? And please tell me track changes work in Word when passing .docs back and forth... Stuff like that.

In the mean time, I am overwhelmed and remain blown away by the response to helping me make the switch at a time when, well, life has been a bit challenging. Thank you all so much--for every email, every prayer, every good thought, every everything you have all sent my way.

And the special presents today... for the girl who has everything... like this:

and this:

I mean really. Do people who don't use the Internet get stuff like this for their birthdays? I say NAY! No they do not.

Well, I hear the scotch tape dispenser tearing away downstairs, which can only mean that Jenna is putting up birthday signage to make my day. I have an incision to clean, a breakfast menu to review, and blessings to count.

thank you all


June 07, 2007

Bloggers Power the Mac Switch for Fellow Blogger

I am blown away. officially stunned. dizzy. nearly speechless.

As of this morning, I am a few hundred dollars away from my new Mac. Yesterday it was out of the question. Two days ago I took a post-surgical walk through the Apple store at Microcenter thinking: no way could I do this. Instead we bought a $9.99 hard disk recovery tool, which succeeded in recovering precisely four files before my old acer drive made noises that scared even Jenna. It now has a safe resting place on the shelf in case we ever need to send it off for full-$cale data retreival.

Then you guys. Happy birthday laptop fund paypal emails in my inbox. I'm like, HUH???!!

Today I'm on the online Mac store looking at my future laptop, and asking questions of other mac bloggers 'bout glossy or matte and how Office works on the Mac.

Your generosity is overwhelming. George's jaw dropped when I told him this morning that we're close.

We are 2 mouths agape.

And the other way you say agape works here too. love.

Thank you everyone.


what are you doing right now?!

On chat with Madame Levy who birthed five daughters at home who is finding me hippie cream for my infected incision that looks like a necrotic silver dollar hole.

is that too many characters?

some little bird

so a 'little bird' (what people tell me when i ask them wtf) told of my laptop mac-switching plight and my upcoming birthday (my dad didn't wanna name me Nina June for nothin) and SUDDENLY my paypal account is FLUSH with FUNDS that are going toward a MAC book as soon as I can patch in the rest of the dough, and I cannot COMMUNICATE in mere pixels how overwhelmed I am at the support from more than a dozen of you--each of whom I would like to name, but I know some of you are funny about that, so it puts me in a predicament, how dare you--OMG!

I am not sure how to say thank you to the nth degree, but thank you to the nth degree.

NONE of you had to do this, some of you can't afford to have done this, and many of you did anyway. I don't know what to say.

I really have had trouble lately about what I'm doing here. Not a new story. Many of us are struggling with why. I had lost a lot of faith in the net over the whole KS afffflair, and a lot of faith in what I'm doing here, how much I should be here, where HERE is anymore, and what any of us are doing here.

No big secret that.

It's not the Generous Contributions that have restored something in me. It is the show of support from all of you--some of whom I didn't think even knew I was still around, or whom I assumed had writ me up as being some kind of Really Mean Kid unworthy of further time, love, or readership. Or maybe that was me doing that. Either way.

I'm turning 45 Saturday and this thing--this being here--there is still something to it.

Thank you more than I can say for showing me that even with all the noise, our hearts can still cut through.


June 06, 2007

I'm going Mac. Ain't no going back.

I'm saving up to make the switch. That's it.

So many PCs have croaked the last two weeks I don't know what's going on, but I don't see any harm in insinuating the proliferation of Vista and recent MS updates miiiight have something to do with it. Or some kind of harmonic convergence. Yeah.

I started out in business on a Mac in 1984. The first one I worked on was a 512K, singed on the inside, which we upgraded to a 512KE and thought we'd died and gone to heaven at our little startup publishing business. Added a 20 MB (that's MB not GB) hard drive in 1985 and had the power of the world in our hands.

I stayed with Mac at home and in business until 1991, going through a Mac Plus, a Mac SE, and others, including my first Apple laser printer which cost $1600 back in the day, until I joined the Big Co machinary of Eastman Kodak Company, when being able to work from home pushed me to a PC and then Windows.

Well guess what. I'm going back to my roots. What do I do? I write. What have I always done? Write and make books. What should I be doing that on? A Mac. Plain and simple.

I'm writing this on a borrowed computer--THANK YOU HONEY--who has been 'driving miss crazy' around for the last two weeks during my convalescence. One made a little more stressful without a link to the rest of you. I am thankful I have George's computer to work on. Believe me. But I need an axe. I can't be without my axe.

I want to go home. I want to buy a mac book. I'm going to.

It's over Microsoft. It's over Windows.