April 30, 2008

Euphemism Day

Is Any Body ever going to say that calling Obama an "Elitist" is a euphemism for calling him an "Uppity Negro"? jebesus!

Q: What do you call a black presidential candidate with the most votes, delegates and primaries won?

A: Obama, the uppity nigger!

What a disgrace our politics have become.

Fifth Beatle Chocolate, Cluetrain, and Twitter

Received my Yummy Chocolate from non-twittering Rick Levine, Cluetrain co-author and chocolatier for Seth Ellis Chocolate in Boulder. This isn't your ordinary Dove Bar chocolate - this is the fine handmade homespun goodie-filled real dark deal. My Nestles-raised palate rebelled a bit at first, but by the second mint- delectable, I was all about the high-brow bon bons.

I scored the chocolate as part of RageBoy's social outreach (AKA email) which drew Rick out from hiding, and my big mouth into a dare whereby Rick would owe me if I could deliver a live body to his Boulder, Co address to deliver a message that used "RageBoy" and "Twitter" in the same sentence.

Michael O'Connor Clarke got involved on Twitter, pulling in Suw Charman of the chocolate and vodka blog (smelling a conspiracy theory are we?), who twittered a friend into going the one block from his house to Rick's chocolatey business and uttering the secret sentence. Rick obliged with a box for the messenger and a box for me, which arrived today via fed ex, complete with little freezer pack.

One more good deed signed, sealed, and delivered across the Interwebs.

Don't that just beat all?