December 04, 2002

Holy Cow It's Raining!

In many parts of the country, rain is no reason for unbridled panic and maniacal behavior of the driving and shopping variety.

Those parts of the country aren't Atlanta. Too metro to be "southern" and too southern to be "metro," Atlanta's in a tizzy today, expecting some freezing rain (translated by the local news as a major ice storm), maybe, possibly, but then again maybe not, well the roads are a little wet, a couple of drops already fell, and if you look really really hard you can see your breath, and well the wind's blowing, no sun out today, so, yeh, I'm pretty sure a killer ice storm's on the way, which is why my daughter's Pre-K closed at 11 and now she's home looking out the window asking me when the ice is gonna come.

tick-tock-tick... we'll see.

Atlanta bloggers, let me know when you're home safe and sound.

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