December 04, 2002

my head might explode

I'm not sure if it's the furvor of last week's blog-opinion frenzy, or if it's waiting for this ice-storm-or-whatever to come-like-huh?, or knowing I have deadlines and Jenna's school is closed again tomorrow because of the ice-storm-that-who-knows-if-it's-even-coming, or if it's the stress of this entire month, or is it year, or what, but my head feels like it's about to explode.

I'm ready.

I've cleaned the house, so if they come in the front door after not hearing from me for a few days, or if the noise from my skull combusting wakes the neighbors and they phone the fire department, and if they use a battering ram to burst through my door in hopes of saving me, everything's pretty well organized.

Bills are paid until the 15th. Not sure all the checks will clear--ah well. Can't get blood from an exploded head.

Jenna's clothes are out. Prescriptions are refilled.

ahhhh. feeling a little better already.

oh the vice is closing again, temples pounding, my neck feels like someone's rammed a steel rod through it.

so my day's been pretty average.

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