February 26, 2003

George is back!

George just got in, and it was so neat that he could sneak into bed, where Jenna had crawled up beside me at some hour of the night, as usual, and it was just time for her to get up. So he started talking to her and playing with her little ears. She sleeps like he does. Hard. Once she finally falls asleep, when she's intent on sleeping, she will sleep through anything. Comes from having a bedroom above George's studio, with late-into-the-night recording sessions, bass drum booming, and there's Jenna, content and sound asleep.

So anyway, she finally starts to stir and I say, "I wonder when Daddy will be home." and he says "I don't know" and she finally catches his voice in her dream and bolts upright--DADDY!!!--and leaps onto his chest, into his arms.

What a great way to greet the day.

1 comment:

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