May 17, 2003

hoover rolling continued

Ann Craig has completed the only second known hoover roll, wheeling by Boulder to attend RageBoy's two-day HTML Coding and Blogging 101 Workshop. He offers the class free to unsuspecting women folk who pass through town on their way to--well--anywhere.

I have checked in by phone, and probably could have blogged the event live if it weren't so incredibly weird.

She was calling him Vernal. He was calling her Himmler. They were talking in thick drawls that I think I recognized as indigenous to the North Georgia Mountains.

Which is funny, considering that all three of us on that phone are actually from, for at least parts of our lives, Rochester, NY, which to any knowing observer would have been obvious based on our maniacal laughter and generalized angst.

I'm not sure what curriculum Mr. Boy uses in his HTML coding class, but word has it there are instructional films, as well as hands-on sessions.

Word has it that Ms. Craig attempted to compensate RB for her class at the HTML University by carrying an empty bookshelf downstairs single-handedly. She has testified that, indeed, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of psychoanalytic books piled high in what most people might call their living rooms. Trying to put some order to the disorder disorder, Ann thought she might move a book or two to the newly-placed bookshelf. Apparently, and just in time, RB threw himself in front of the pristine shelf, yelling "NOOOOOO!" as he hit the ground. When he got to his feet, he ran off to see not this Don, but this Don.

Hoover 2 now having been successfully rolled, the proof is in the shrimp, so to speak.

I told them they needed T-Shirts:

Hers: #1 Hoover Roller
His: #1 Hoover Host

Or, more aptly, "Himmler Rolled a Hoover and All I Got Was This Dumb Shirt."

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