May 14, 2003

a regular day

Eight days after the Strep from hell began, we resumed a semi-normal life today. Jenna went to Pre-K for a few hours; I went to a business meeting with some really smart folks doing some really cool things which must remain nameless for now. I used my brain. I drew and doodled and ended up with a pretty good map for a Web site. I ate a half of roast beef sandwich and cookies and drank bottled water and played with brainstorming toys, little finger puppets and these cool new gadgets that attach to pennies and let you build mountains out of molehills, so to speak, which is the purpose of any brainstorm I suppose.

I wore clothes. That was something. I've done that--you know, dress-up clothes--twice since April first. I really didn't realize blazers could get dusty just from hanging in a closet. I spent about two minutes wondering where the dust in a closed closet comes from. I put a bandaid on the second toe on my left foot so the pumps wouldn't hurt this blister I got from running around in clogs lately.

The day was a radical shift from this past week. It has me worn out. You'd think I worked a full day, or worked hard or something. All I did was go somewhere and pay attention to adults. Funny how hard that is once you're out of practice. I really need to make a lot of money because I'm pretty sure I could do without this whole work-a-day world altogether. There was one woman at the meeting, probably a little older than me, maybe not even, who was retired. I said, "Am I retired?" And my long-time pal said, "No, you're on hiatus."

I guess so. There are so many things I want to write about, and even now I haven't had the time. I don't get it. How time moves. There are things I've wanted to resolve--to deal with my mother, at least another baby step, to get back to therapy, to start some kind of daily routine now that I don't have one anymore, officially, but 8 days slipped past and I'm back at square one.

But that's okay. Because the only thing that matters, in the end, is that sweet baby Jenna is feeling better each day, and we're laughing and giggling and IMing with her daddy, and she's about the coolest little thing on two legs.

She was walking around tonight, sashaying really, hips to and fro, saying, "When you and daddy smooshie, you go ooo la la!" I think she meant smoochie. Either way, tee hee!

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