May 11, 2003

Strep Diary - Back from Childrens ER

Jenna started throwing up again, fever back up to 103 again, so I packed her off to the ER at Children's Hospital. More on that tomorrow. What a rediculous place. I'm too tired to tell. Anyway, she has a roaring ear infection on top of strep, and the Omnicef has yet to get on top of it all. They gave her a shot of Rocefin (she's allergic to penicillin, so this is a ceflasporin derivative) to try to get us through tomorrow (it lasts 24 hrs). A shot in each leg. My poor baby. We are home. Think healing. Happy mother's day. All I want is for Jenna to be better. And also three solid hours sleep. That's all.

p.s., Where are all the doctors in blogland? Hello, calling Dr. Blogger--I could use some inside advice here...

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