May 11, 2003

Strep Diary - mother's day ralley?

Jenna is doing better than she has been the last few days. Still some fever, but the motrin is working. She's demanding certain foods--tater tots being the current obsession, so we're going out to pick some up, tire out her brain, and then come home to do medicines and HOPEFULLY sleep. Just one night's rest in 5 would be sweet.

Took some pics of her having her lunch in bed. will try to post later. She gave me a beautiful hankie for mother's day that says "A Mother's Love" and is embroidered with flowers. Tears came.

I hope her papa is okay. Haven't heard.

Jenna snuck a mother's day card into the shopping cart at the drug store a couple of weeks ago. I saw her do it but pretended I didn't. I looked the other way when she snuck it up on the counter at the register. Pretended not to notice when she took it out of the bag and ran upstairs to her room with it when we returned home. Too excited to wait, she gave it to me the same night.

Dil from Rugrats is on the front, and the card reads:


For my mommy with love


I'm glad I'm your boy
because you're the most wonderfulest
mother in the whole UNIVERSE!

Happy Mother's Day!


My sweet boy, she's just the coolest!!!

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