July 16, 2004

People are basically pains in my ass.

SO, I see the bloogle interface has eaten some new features and shit them out upon my screen with no notice. COOL! I don't know what I'm looking at. Looks like some bastardization of the MS Word toolbar. I guess I'll be playing with colors N shit here to see what it does.
This is HTML for complete idiots.
the net sux.
Blogging is everything.
Blogging is nothing at all.
These two statements are not mutually exclusive.
People think that links breed familiarity. They do. But not intimacy. We need to employ at least one other medium/dimension for others to see us for who we are.
Oh my, this e-z color-n-size capability is going to add to the noise ratio of blogging, or at least of my brain.
Now, 13 days without a fucking cigarette.
Jenna said, "Are you mean again today because of that quit thing you're doing?"
"I'm not mean."

"Yah, you are. You totally are mean."
"You're not listening. No body listens to me. Then I get called mean for yelling. If people would listen to me in the FIRST PLACE, then we wouldn't be talking about whether or not I'm mean because of that quit thing."
"Well, you're still mean."