July 17, 2004

Thank Heaven for Little Rants...

Doc points to this nice rant from Roland over at the Global PR Week blog, which was SORELY in need of a rant.
The thought and the work behind the Global PR Week 1.0 blog and the idea of such an endeavor impressed me initially, but much of what I've read over there--'til the rant--has struck me as, well, the typical incredibly unclued speak of Industry Professionals.
Industry professionals, I dedicate these previous posts from yours truly to you: 
Bye Bye BigPR : "Where once Big PR boasted about best practices and a global network of communications professionals, they don't have that anymore. Instead, we are the ones creating nimble networks among one another, which are growing larger and more valuable. We are nimble enough (most of us working out of our homes) and lean enough to charge much less and deliver much more. A network of one-off specialists, experts in their areas, linked through the power of the Web and personal contacts. Voice to voice, we are changing the face of PR and marketing. You heard it here first."
Ketchum Comes Unclued: "Meanwhile, in the ranks at Ketchum, I know of a few bloggers who do not have an AAE, AE, SAE, VP, SVP or Director title. In fact, they work in a capacity where most of the folks with those titles on their business cards wouldn't think to ask these workers' opinions about marketing, business, and the Internet. Yet, I would wager that these individual bloggers are tied into more voices, knowledge, business-related interactions, and personal relationships of value by genuinely participating in this space than the highest ranking, highest billing PR Strategist in that same organization. You see? That is how it's working. And they don't have a clue."