July 17, 2004

That's when you'll really begin to feel better...

Step 5: Go cold turkey. The majority of experts agree that it's the most effective way to go. So when the chosen day arrives, toss your cigarettes — even the secret stash behind the hamper. If you can get through the first two weeks without a slipup, you've got a good chance of staying smoke-free. According to Linda Hyder Ferry, M.D., M.P.H., cravings during the first three to four days are the most powerful; on days five to 10, the intensity plateaus, and after that, the hunger for nicotine begins to dwindle. That's when you'll begin to feel better. Really.
From the P.S. Department:
What the hell's an MPH degree? Miles Per Hour? I want a Miles Per Hour degree.
Jeneane Sessum, M.P.H.
who would have thought...