October 15, 2004

Why I Had to Wait to Post Until the Debates Were Over

Because if I started to write about them in detail, I was quite certain my head would explode.

I came close to seizing when I could find no one, not even Kerry, questioning Bush's take on his faith when he roped the Almighty into his plot to take over the world (ooops--I mean "spread freedom").

The leader of the free world admited in a public forum that he truly believes the Almighty wants him to bring democracy to all the world (through war when that's the most expedient way) and no one is outraged?

AKMA? Anyone?

Well, I shouldn't say no one. The Christian Science Monitor did. They touched on it saying:

"One very interesting moment was the question about religion. Bush is often quite eloquent on this subject - and he was again Wednesday night, talking in simple language about how he prays. But he also edged into territory that might make some Americans uncomfortable - linking his religion explicitly to his foreign policy, saying he believes God wants everyone to be free. I thought another good moment was the question at the end..."

Might make "some" Americans uncomfortable?


I thought another good moment?

Might make every human outside of the U.S. uncomfortable, how about.

Look, I consider myself a Christian and I nearly fell off the bed.

Okay, that's the end of my debate blogging.

My favorite candidate is Elizabeth Edwards.

I lose.