February 03, 2005

Ring Me Up, Netherlands.

More evidence of the coolness of the Netherlands. Check out these ringtones. I was searching up information on player pianos, thinking back to my friend who had one growing up, and how I loved to watch the rolls go round and round while an invisible maestro pressed the keys.

I landed on the National Museum van Nederland website and found my favorite ringtone--one I wish I could get on my Blackberry, but I don't know how any of that new fangled stuff works. Can we download these? Or do we need to be cool like they are over there? I don't know--I don't reada the language.

For easy digestion by Amerikans, I would give the ringtones English names:

Schwarzwalder Speelklok de Trompetter - becomes: Ticktock lil Clock

Cilinderorchestrion de Heizmann - becomes: Ride My Painted Pony

Speelklok met glazen bellen - Glasglöckchenuhr - becomes: Gentle Fairy Wings

Straatorgel de Limonaire - becomes, well, Old MacDonald?

Maybe they should make mechanical music rolls for wireless.

I could handle that.

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