July 17, 2005

100,000 mile club

When I started blogging in 2001, a search on my name, in quotes, brought up two search results: one, a comment on an online discussion group about women's health, and the other, I don't even remember.

Today, I did a quick check for something I'm working on and saw that Google's kicking out more than 100,000 hits on my unique name, in quotes.

I think that means I get a new car.

To dispel any conjecture, no one else has my full name, with this spelling. Color me lucky.

Note to risk-averse corporations on the reverberating effect of the Internet--participating doesn't always mean "having a blog." It does mean participating in the conversation. Comments, forums, Wikis, IRC, conferences all of these places are hang out spots for bloggers in our "off" time (i.e., non-posting time). Wouldn't it be cool to be able to talk to us on the things we're talking about? You may even find, after a while, that you, too, want to blog!

We like to talk to people. Why the heck else would we be out here doing this year after year. You think we're after the free car?