July 17, 2005

A good un

Tom Murphy has a sizzling rant on the silliness of the predictions regarding the demise of PR-Proper. Some are now prophesizing that your average PR flacks will morph into event planners, thanks to blogging. Follow the bouncing predictions. I think they all end up with telemarketing. So quit now and get yourself an extra phone line or a ticket to India.

I do agree with the folks who use the word "folks" a lot, whom Tom quotes, that command and control doesn't work, and that public relations is a dish best served as private relations, thank you Chris Locke for writing all of that many years ago.

However, I see the division coming along the lines of flexibility and speed. In other words, practitioners who stay small and nimble and on the outside of BigAgencies will make headway into all but the Very Large accounts of BigPR. But in BigPR, there will always be room for a good crisis guy. So don't write your telemarketing script just yet.

Things are changing. Tom is right that the hyperbole among the 'because I said so' blog bunch is getting annoying.

But then, I have been in that 'because I said so' bunch for years, so I guess I'll shut up now.

I think I have an event to plan anyway.