July 19, 2005

{shhhh. cut a check to chris locke quick}

Though they may not be earth-shaking, business-shaking, or the panacea of a lifetime of sinusitus and phleghm, the truth is that real-life best/worst practices are unfolding, here and now.

This isn't a hypothetical Harvard Review Business Case Study that poses the 'Blogger in Your Midst' question to businesses.

This is realtime.

Another way for PR practitioners to look at the ongoing Ketchum Conversation: How would you advise Ketchum if you were the PR Agency's PR Agency?

Note: The first two comments are from ex-Ketchum employees who have been actively blogging since 2001, and have been working to advance the space as it applies to marketing and PR and the real people that intersect those disciplines since 2001, including while with the company.

This I can predict with the utmost certainty: Folks are sitting down in a conference room or sitting on a conference call right now at Omnicom Group's Ketchum deciding the hows, ifs, whens, whys, and whos of their next communication with what they call the PR Blogosphere. If you were in the room, what would you advise?

Batters Up!