July 19, 2005

You Can't BS a BSer

I really like the title and substance of this post at Advancing Insights that references yours truly and David and Constantin on the Ketchum Thang. "The Pathology of Business Bullshit" is a right on way to look at it. An example now being played out real-time via the traditional BigPR 'control the message' mantra. This is just the malady that blogging sprouted up to remedy--it grows from the ground like echinacea for business.

It's not much like Western medicine practices that are predictable and 'managed-care' manageable; it's more like Traditional Chinese Medicine and accupuncture, twisting in the needles to unblock and re-direct the flow of energy.

Or maybe I've had too many steroids today.

{Full transparency disclaimer: I am sick and on antibiotics and steroids. Don't mess w/ me.}