August 05, 2005

History Herstory

Susan Kitchens is giving a veritable history lesson over at her place on the war--OH not this war, but THAT war. She's sort of live-blogging an event from the past. It's blogging--there are no rules, and this is a fascinating idea very well executed. This is how Susan is celebrating the anniversary of the Atomic Bomb. Some folks, they have champagne. Others, they might spend some quiet time at the park in meditation. Susan? She blogs.
Blog like it’s 1945! That’s what I’m doing for the 60th anniversary of the first atomic bomb explosion. (There is more to July 16 than a new Harry Potter book, you know)
The most recent posts are at the top, older ones are below. So if you want to catch up to what’s already happened, go to the 1945 category page, start at the bottom, and scroll up. And tell me what you think!
So go tell her.